You’ll Never Throw These Bags Away After Reading This ! (silica gel)

You’ll Never Throw These Bags Away After Reading This ! (silica gel)

Silica gel is a commonly overlooked item that often finds its way into our lives packaged within various products. You may have encountered it in shoeboxes, vitamin bottles, or even electronics packaging. Often considered as a waste product, silica gel bags are typically discarded without a second thought. However, after reading this article, you'll discover the untapped potential and numerous practical uses of silica gel bags that will make you think twice before tossing them away.

Here are some tips on how to re-use them:

Save your drowned phone
You probably heard about the “rice trick” for this kind of accidents. But if something like this happens again, replace the rice with the silicon balls from the silica bags, because they’re much more useful

Put them in your gym bag
Because their main purpose is drying stuff around them and taking out the moist, put them in your gym bag, where bacteria from your sweated clothes is most likely to develop, because of the damp and moist environment. They will probably remove the odor as well!

Continue the lifespan of your razor
Put the silicon balls in a plastic container and after shaving, leave your razor inside – you will be amazed how long it will last!

No more foggy car windows
Put some of the silica bags under your windshield and never wait for your windows to defrost in winter. You’ll save yourself the effort of cleaning the foggy windows by yourself, and also – you’ll be on the road faster.

Continue the lifespan of your make up
This goes for the make -up that’s in powder form. Just put silica gel bags in their environment to make sure they don’t get greasy and ruined.

Save your Jack O’ Lantern
If you put a silica bag inside your jack o’ lantern, you will continue the lifespan of its shell.

Save tour old photographs
Photos are a really precious memory. Too bad they deteriorate with the passing of the time. Put all of your old photos in a box together with a couple of silica bags and save them from dampness and going yellow.
If you’ve heard of another way of reusing the silica bags, or just imagined another useful trick, now that you know their purpose – tell us in the comments below.

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