The Three Stages Of Each Zodiac Sign


The Three Stages Of Each Zodiac Sign

People are “designed” to go through three main stages, and only the bravest reach the most enlightening, third stage of life

Zodiac signs go through three different stages in life. One can easily develop into a completely different person in the later stages of life. All you have to do is embrace the idea of moving on from stage 1.

Evolution is such a wonderful thing. Give your soul enough space to evolve and enjoy all the beauty that awaits you in the future.

In this article, we give you three main stages of each zodiac sign.


Aries: Ram, Shepherd, Reborn Sun

The Ram. These passionate people are born to conquer and fight. The Ram is the main symbol of many Solar Deities, and stands for potential and hidden fire. These people realize that they have engaged in too many fights.

Not every fight ends with a victory, and most fights bring casualties, too. At some point of the early stage, these people are reckless and irresponsible. They do get a chance to see the loss.


The Shephard. In stage two, people grasp the truth for the first time in their life. They avoid rageful quarrels and expand their awareness. They strive to see what a Shephard sees. Life is a never-ending battle, and they know it. at this point, they turn to themselves.

This is the main turning point in their life. It’s full of challenges and loneliness. A Shephard is a lonely and isolated force. A hermit. He needs time to unleash their true passion. They get to learn that their potential is hidden in their passion. Rage is not their friend.


Reborn Sun. The Shephard’s fire turns into a reborn sun. Aries is the first symbol of the zodiac. The Nature is reborn again and the Winter is long gone. Ancient Egyptians used this as a symbol of Aries.

The Reborn Sun symbolizes the death individuals have to go through to unleash their real potential. Let go of all your pain, sorrow, rage, and to make the Ultimate Stage of Aries.


Taurus: Bull, Minotaur, Demigod

Bull. Ancient Egyptians, Indians and Greeks worshipped the Bull as a sacred animal. It’s a symbol of Nature’s potentials. The Bull knows only one way and it’s FORWARD. That’s how bulls see their world. Bulls don’t pay attention to other options and often crash on life’s walls.

A Taurus is “designed” to break these obstacles. Surpassing an obstacle is not an option. Bulls realize that they can’t assert their dominant power to other people.


Minotaur. That’s why they become a Minotaur. It’s a human with the head of a bull, symbolizing instinctive passions that don’t correspond with human nature. “Shame is a deadly foe,” and the Minotaur is more stubborn “thanks” to all the shame and regrets.

A Minotaur is lost in the Labyrinth all while guarding it. The legendary beast was lying between the dark walls of the Labyrinth, guarding its chambers. In other words, A Minotaur is enraged, stubborn and lost in the dark.

A Taurus loses hope until they become aware of their own decision. They chose to be lost in the Darkness. This brilliant discovery helps them break down the labyrinth and turn into demigod.


Demigod. It’s a symbol of the Divine. A Taurus has a powerful spirit, and in this stage, they know how to channel it and create magic. A Taurus is well aware of their power. The boundaries of the physical Realm don’t exist here. Taurus people create miracles and enjoy life with all its beauty. Without any guilt, of course.


Gemini: Twins, Ship, Stars

Twins. Twins are curious and hungry for new experiences. They are in constant search of new stimuli, and this makes them succesful in many aspect of life. But, there’s emptiness in their hearts, especially after a loss. This turns them into a ship.


Ship. According to the Myth of Gemini, the twin brothers wanted to find the treasure. At this point of their lives, the twins are bored from their way of life and they go after a bigger truth. It’s a long way, and they are sometimes lonely and disappointed. Most Geminis go back to phase one. If they find the strength to forget the disappointment, they become stars.


Stars. Once a Gemini understands that their inner curiosity for knowledge is nothing but lust for life, they embrace their failure and disappointment and let go of their pain. That’s when they become a true source of Light or Stars!


Cancer: Crab, Hydra, Peacock

Crab. The creature of the Sea is a symbol of the “watery” nature of the cancer. These people are emotional, and they don’t usually stick to the logical way. Crabs don’t move in a straight line, right?

The changes of the sea lead to many changes in the heart of a Cancer. At some point, cruelty and betrayal destroy the crab’s strong exterior comprised of devotion of loyalty. This turns them into a Hydra.


Hydra. Hydras symbolize the blind rage of the sea and the Cancer. Cut its head, and it will grow two heads at once. Broken Hydras are capable of doing so many terrible things. You can’t stop a big wave, right? Cancers change and once they understand that people are as vast as the sea, they restore their faith and become a peacock.


Peacock. It’s the sacred symbol of Great Mother, Hera, the Queen of the Gods. Cancers are adored at this stage. They don’t show off, but their great actions do all the talking. They become symbols of Grace and Blessings.


Leo: Lion, Warrior, King

Lion. A typical Leo acts like they own the jungle. They are strong, faithful and passionate. But, their authority is questioned later in life, and things can easily go wrong. Their hearts are filled with rage, and Lions live in fear that another person can “out-throne” them. This turns them into warriors.

Warrior. Warriors feel the urge to prove themselves. They fight in a war that wasn’t their first choice. They wander among elusive goals and waste their energy on silly quarrels and even tasks. Warriors fear time. They are worried that their beauty and power will fade. This makes them prideful and vain. Once a Warrior understands that their power comes from their bright spirit, they become Kings.

King. At this point in their lives, Leos know that lions are really the king of the jungle. They recognize their royal self and adore their ageless spirit. Leos are full of love and understanding and they feel good about themselves.


Virgo: Maiden, Dark Maiden, Queen

Maiden. At this stage, a Virgo is the young Persephone, the young maiden goddess who experiences her true potential. They are innocent, brilliant and full of grace. The Maiden discovers herself and seeks the real truth. At some point, the Maiden has to go to the Underworld.

Dark Maiden. Virgos are scared and sad at this point. Their hearts are filled with sorrow mostly because they try to put their mind in order. Virgos are lost in the Underworld and may even suffer from depression. But, Persephone married Hades, the God of the Underworld, and became his queen.

Queen. The Queen can do anything. They accept the real world and know there is both light and Darkness. They know how to rule on both, and they represent the whole.


Libra: Scale, Blindfold, Sword

Scales. In the early stage of life, Libras represent the Scales of Themis, the goddess of Justice. They try to see all options and hear everyone’s opinion. They accept every advice. Many would say they are dependent on others, but truth is, Libras scale their options in order to be fair. But, they can’t proceed in their lives in this way and they become blindfold.

Blindfold. Libras are enraged and disappointed and their energy is depleted. Their choices seem unnatural and they feel bad for themselves. They are no longer guided by Virtue. But, everyone makes mistakes, and Virgos understand this. This turns them into the Sword.

Sword. The Sword of Themis represents right decisions and power. Nothing can stop a Virgo at this point, and their spirits flow alongside their will. Their thoughts become reality!


Scorpio: Scorpion, Eagle, Phoenix

Scorpion. Scorpions are born survivors and they use their instincts and passions to get what they want. A Scorpion always strives to success and satisfaction, but not always wins. This failure throws them into the darkness and some scorpions stay under their rocks forever. But, some of them become aware of their pointless pursuits and turn into an Eagle.

Eagle. Scorpions no longer hide, and they try to see the bigger picture. They seek different types of success in other areas of life. Eagles always go higher, and no one flies as high as they do. That’s when eagles become aware of their loneliness. Neglecting their human nature is a bad choice, and this encourages eagles to turn into a Phoenix.

Phoenix. At this stage of life, their Spirit reaches its greatest brightness. A Phoenix will let go of all the hurtful memories and embrace their real potential. The Phoenix is eternal and nothing can stop this power.


Sagittarius: Archer, Arrow, Centaur

Archer. The sky is the limit for the Sons and Daughters of Jupiter. At this point, the person feels as if they are guided by a divine hand. They aim, armed with optimism. But, each failure throws them out of balance, and turns them into an arrow.

Arrow. They aim, but fail to see the bigger picture because they are too focused on their goal. Success is not always a victory. They may conquer, but their goal may be useless. These people need to expand their awareness and review their initial goals. They seek freedom, so they become aware of their prison. The brave will become centaurs.

Centaur. The symbol of freedom, will, wisdom and human strength. A Sagittarius becomes wise and gains a lot of success, teaching others how to do the same. A Centaur can reach their goal in style.


Capricorn: Goat, Cave, Horn of Plenty

Goat. People depend on the goat for so many reasons. Society depends on Capricorns as they are trustworthy and hard-working individuals. But, sometimes they are used and abused, and this turns them into cave.

Cave. Capricorns isolate themselves from toxic people at this point, cutting both painful and healthy relationships. Amalthia, the Goat-nymph took care of Zeus in a cave. Similar to her, Capricorns dive into this isolation once they feel endangered. They lose touch with their loved ones. Those who become aware of this become Horn of Plenty.

Horn of Plenty. Cornucopia is the symbol of Amalthia. Capricorns become aware that riches emerge from abundance as a state of mind. They become rich in material and spiritual goods after realizing this.


Aquarius: Cupbearer, Eagle, Angel

Cupbearer. Aquarius is alienated from other people at this point. They are eccentric people trying to explain themselves to the grey word. A Cupbearer is dragged on Olympus, but then turns into an Eagle, the symbol of Zeus. A Cupbearer accepts the World, and becomes an eagle.

Eagle. These people have to experience the world and travel in different countries to understand it. At some point they feel lonely, separated from the world. Lonely eagles flies high, away from others. That’s why they become an Angel.

Angel. Some people embrace their Angelic nature, and embrace its beauty. These enlightened individuals live among us, bringing light to the darkest spots in this world. They heal, help and spread their divine energy. A truly happy angel living on the rightful spot on Earth.


Pisces: Fish, Darkness, Ocean

Fish. Fish is affected by the slightest ocean. These people live in their emotions and the energies in their environment. They are true empaths who are affected by enlightened souls and also evil entities. Sometimes they get lost into disappointing thoughts and become sad. This turns them into darkness.

Darkness. Pisces may feel betrayed and lost. They try to forget their disappointment in order to ignore their pain. Fish goes to the darkest depths of the ocean, waiting for the next miracle. But, the miracle they are looking for is right next to them. Their Spirit is bright, and they accept their real nature. That’s when they become the ocean.

Ocean. Pisces embrace the matrix as part of their essence. They turn into the primordial god of the Ocean. Their real power emerges from their hearts, and they are well aware of it. Their wishes become real almost instantly because they belong to something greater and wiser. They are the ocean with all its deepest waters.

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