Mom’s Warning About Aerosol Sunscreens Needs to Be Read by Every Parent

Mom’s Warning About Aerosol Sunscreens Needs to Be Read by Every Parent


Parents would do the impossible to protect their children. Your child’s health and well-being is a top priority. Sunscreen is a must every time you go out.  Well, Rebecca Cannon didn’t have the best experience with this product, and her 14-month-old daughter was left in pain.

Rebecca always applies sunscreen on Kyla’s face before they go out for a walk.


Rebecca and Kyla’s terrible experience

In April 2017, Rebecca was at her sister’s house, and they were getting ready for a walk. It was an overcast day, but Rebecca knew she had to apply sunscreen to her baby’s face. She forgot her sunscreen at home, and borrowed her sister’s.

The kid’s face was swollen and red, and things got worse during the night. Kyla had angry red blisters in the morning. Rebecca and the baby went to the emergency room, and doctors said Kyla had second-degree burns.

It turns out that Kyla was the only kid to have sunscreen, and she was the only one who got these nasty burns.


The sunscreen did all the damage

Dermatologists confirmed that the burns were actually caustic burns from an ingredient used in the sunscreen. Dr. Adam Freidman explains that Kyla had contact dermatitis from an irritant in the sunscreen. It may have been alcohol or vitamin C.


Protect your babies and kids

The doctor explains that there are sunscreens for every age. Every kid is different, and infants have sensitive skin that’s more prone to irritations. Parents have to take extra care and precaution when it comes to using sunscreen.


5 Tips to Protect Babies And Kids From Sun

1. Mineral bloc sunscreens

Dr. Friedman recommends using mineral block sunscreens in kids under 4-5. Use organic zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.


2. Apply the sunscreen on your hands first

Rebecca applies the sunscreen on her hands, and then applied it on Kyla. This helps with even coverage.


3. Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours and after swimming

You have to apply a layer of sunscreen every 2 hours. Kids burn easily and you have to remember that. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen after swimming or water activities.

Apply sunscreen half an hour before swimming.


4. Hats and protective clothes

Hats are a must, too. Choose brimmed hats, sunglasses and long-sleeved light tops.

If the UV index is too high, use full-coverage bathing suits or a T-shirt. Keep in mind that clothes are heavy when wet, so your kid may need some help when swimming.


5. Stay in the shade

Avoid direct sun exposure. Sit in shadows to avoid sunburns. If the UV index is too high, stay at home.


The importance of sunscreen

Sun protection is important for everyone, including elderly. Skin cancer is really common, and it’s usually triggered by cumulative skin damage.

Rebecca and Kyla’s story should be a reminder for every parent. Not all sunscreen products are good for your baby, so try to buy high-quality products that fit its age.

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