Try This 30 Day Plank Exercise for Beginners to Help You Get a Flat Belly and Smaller Waist

Try This 30 Day Plank Exercise for Beginners to Help You Get a Flat Belly and Smaller Waist

Whether it is about kickstarting a healthy lifestyle, falling into a rut with your fitness, enjoying a few too many take outs and slipping up on your usual day to day routine, then it’s high time to rewind and reset to get back on track.

For most people, it is about getting into a good routine, and when it comes to a health & fitness lifetyle a daily routine will nip things into gear. If you are like me, I am sure most you will feel more happier and relaxed, plus more productive when you have some resemblance of a healthy routine.

Anything from fitness activity that excites you, preparing healthy meals, stretching, reading a novel, a ‘me time’ to meditate or walk early in the morning or afternoon to relax – you get the drift. Although this kind of routine does sound plain and boring, you will find as your life and work becomes more hectic, a routine becomes an outlet to get you out from the stress mode to the relax mode. It really helps you to see things from a better light. It is kind of crazy but who knew that a daily healthy routine can be great for your mind, health and body!

Below is a simple day to day countdown of good healthy habits to get into today. It literally spells out a health and fitness routine in an easy flow. The 1 to 9 countdown may look small to you, but it is the small steps that will a positive impact on your overall health and fitness. Take action with each step of the daily routine, tick it off and it will bring you good health and happiness.

Don’t stress if you can’t accomplish all the steps, no one is perfect but let it serve as a reminder to meet all the daily health & fitness countdown!

Basis of a Healthy lifestyle includes

  • A fitness workout plan
  • Get 8 hours of good solid sleep
  • Prepare your own meals with a healthy grocery list– eat healthy meals
  • Get plenty of breaks in between work or through the day with walks and by mentally chilling out
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Relax with a favorite hobby or activity or meditate daily, even for a 5 to 10 minutes

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