Say Goodbye To Wrinkles, Dark Spots and Acne!

Say Goodbye To Wrinkles, Dark Spots and Acne!

There is no denying that with age comes wisdom, but as unfair as it might be, it also comes with mature skin. However, most people give up on their skin and assume that there is no way to hide the visible wrinkles –is there? The key to wrinkle-free skin is to follow a skincare routine that can keep it refreshed. And this is where you seek us for help!

Whether you are in your 40s or 50s, sticking to a solid skincare routine can benefit your skin. We are not talking about skincare basics, such as moisturizing or toner, which most people are aware of. Ensure to include every anti-aging step mentioned below for healthy and youthful skin.

1.   Treat Your Face with Cream Cleanser

Cleansing is an important part of any skincare routine, regardless of your skin type. It helps you remove any makeup you have applied before, dirt, pollutants, and bacteria. However, if your skin is already showing aging signs, you might need to shift to a nourishing cream cleanser for added moisture. As we age, our skin starts to lose moisture, natural oils, and nutrients, which results in dry and wrinkled skin.

For optimal results, apply the cleanser twice daily (morning and evening) for smoother and softer skin. Get a small amount of cream cleanser in your wet hands and gently apply it on your face. After massaging your face with it, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.


2.   Exfoliate Every Week

Exfoliation helps you remove dead skin cells that might be clogging your pores. The important thing to remember is that skin type plays a significant role in exfoliation. While some skin responds positively to everyday exfoliation, others might be able to handle it once or twice each week. Pay close attention to your skin to understand what works best for you. If there are any fine lines or wrinkles on your face, exfoliation should become a must-include process in your skincare routine.


3.   Apply Serum for Radiating Skin

The serum contains powerful ingredients to enhance cell regeneration, improving the skin’s overall health and radiance. You can instantly feel your skin getting smoother and firmer with the continued use of the serum. Remember to apply serum in-between exfoliator and moisturizer.


4.   Moisturize Your Face and Neck

If your skin is showing visible signs of aging, moisturizing can revive the skin tone and promote cell regeneration. When you are moisturizing your face, after applying serum and before makeup, don’t leave your neck and chest area behind. A small quantity of moisturizer can reduce any fine lines or wrinkles on the skin.


5.   Carefully Remove Your Makeup

Once you are home after work, it is time to pay attention to your skin. An evening skincare regime removes all the makeup, pollutants, and bacteria that can get stuck and clog your pores. Sleeping with your makeup on can easily harm your skin, regardless of your age. A bottle of micellar water and some cotton pads can clear all the pores. It is designed and formulated to leave your skin clean and healthy after its use.

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