10 Reasons why men like Older Women

10 Reasons why men like Older Women

While relationships between older men and younger women have long been socially acceptable, women are only now beginning to feel comfortable dating younger men, and even then they are often referred to as “cougars”. The truth is that older women bring a lot of benefits. They are confident, know what they want, and have a wealth of knowledge and life experience to share.

Dating sites and apps are a great place to meet people from all walks of life, and many people choose to date outside of the traditional age range when looking for a date on these sites. 

Dating younger men has its pros and cons, and it definitely has its rules. But don’t worry that your age will be a lie to them. This may be for some men, but others will find you more attractive just because of your age, self-knowledge, wisdom, and more. Here are a few reasons why younger men love dating older women. 


They know themselves
The longer you have lived your life in your own body, the better you know it, as well as your mind, heart and soul. Many young women are still not sure what exactly they want in relationships, sex and life, so they cannot ask for it. Many men appreciate the ability of older women to ask for what they want and need without any guesswork. They also know what they are looking for in young men.

They have sexual power
Some people say that women don’t reach their sexual peak until their 30s or even 40s. This may be due to hormonal reasons or simply because older women have been given the opportunity to get to know their bodies and find out what they like. 

When a woman knows exactly what she likes, it saves men the trouble of figuring it out on their own. Older women are also often less reserved and more adventurous in the bedroom, which helps the men they are with feel comfortable doing the same. 


They are financially stable

Men often face the social expectation that they are financially responsible for their partners, so when a partner is financially stable, the burden can be taken off their shoulders. Dating a woman who can support herself opens up a myriad of possibilities, from extravagant vacations to living together in a nice place that both of you can help pay for.

Not afraid of lightness
If a woman has already taken care of marriage and children – or has reached the age when she could, but decided not to – she will be the perfect match for a young man who is not looking for anything serious. Both people can enjoy the moment and have fun without worrying about how to get to any particular destination. If you want to date a divorced woman older than you, check out these possible red flags.

They have strong social ties
One of the fun things about new relationships is the opportunity to meet the other person’s friends, family, and co-workers. It will probably be even more exciting with someone older who has had time to establish himself in the world and make connections with many interesting people. 

A young man will appreciate the new friends an older woman introduces him to and the fun trips they can take together. 


They are professionally made.

Contrary to the stereotype of the man who brings home the bacon and the woman does the housework, many men appreciate a powerful female careerist. These women probably have interesting topics to talk about, interesting people to introduce you to, and a confident energy that many find sexy. An educated and successful woman is also more likely to have a well thought out mind and be a great conversationalist.

They have a lot to do
Their own lives are attractive, and older women’s lives are often filled with family, friends, work, and activities—so much so that they don’t count on their partners to do anything. This leaves the man who is dating an older woman free to pursue his own interests without worrying that his partner will feel left out.

With age, people become more attractive.
Women are taught that their attractiveness will decrease when they turn 30, but many women actually become more attractive as they get older, in part because they have learned what styles and looks suit them best and their confidence and happiness shines through. There is a special glow that comes from loving yourself and knowing who you are.

They can teach them a thing or two
Wisdom comes with age, and many young men seek to learn from wise older women. Your life experience allows you to give your partner advice and help him understand how the world works. After all, when someone needs guidance, their partner is often the first person they turn to.and command. They like to be told what to do by someone who is confident and knows what they want.

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