Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning – A Mistake Millions Of People Make

Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning – A Mistake Millions Of People Make

While a large amount of people can’t stand the taste of lemons they are quite beneficial when it comes to our health. Hot lemon water is one of the best things to start your day with.

By drinking lemon water you can still get all the benefits you would be getting from eating the lemon itself.

Lemons are great sources for vitamin C as well as potassium and magnesium. However, you must pay attention to how you serve and drink lemon water.

Many people tend to make a very common mistake when preparing lemon water. You see, the peel is the most nutritious part of the lemon; most people remove the peel and don’t use it when preparing their lemon water.

For the best lemon water, you must include the peel. 


The Best Lemon Water:

Things Needed:

  • 3 fresh organic lemons
  • water
  • glass
  • knife



  • Cut the lemons into slices based on your preferred thickness.
  • Squeeze at least half of the lemon slices into the cup.
  • Grate the peel off of the lemons you squeezed into the cup.
  • Put the untouched slices into the bottle or cup and fill the container with hot water or ice water whichever you prefer.
  • Drink up!

That’s it. It is that simple. by including the peel you are getting the most from the lemons that you possibly can.

Always include the peel.

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