Don’t Throw Away The Pickle Juice. Here Are Some Amazing Uses For It

Don’t Throw Away The Pickle Juice. Here Are Some Amazing Uses For It

Most of us regularly throw away the pickle juice. Are we right? This is, in fact, a great pity because you can use this juice in many ways. The juice in which the pickles rest contains salt and vinegar. Therefore it’s not surprising that it can be “recycled” in many different ways, edible and inedible.

Here are some great ideas how to use pickle juice.

For cooking

Instead of plain vinegar, use a little bit of the juice from the pickles in your salad, the taste will be completely different.

Add a little of the pickle juice to your macaroni with cheese, you will not believe how much will improve the taste of this standard meal.

When preparing vegetables on a grill or grilled vegetables, you can improve the taste if you pour a little bit of the pickle juice. You will not need any other spice in your meal.

If in the water where you cook your potatoes generously add juice from pickles not only will you get a lot more tasty potatoes but it will prevent decomposition. This is a perfect trick if you need a potato salad that shouldn’t break off at the first touch with a fork.

Pickle juice can also help you marinating cheeses, especially for those which are young and soft.


Around the household

Cooper pots and cooking pots are very good and the dishes are very tasty when cooked in them, but they can be very difficult to wash. This job will greatly ease the pickle juice. Just, rinse your cooking pan with this juice and leave it for a little bit. Then, gently rub it and wash it with soap and water.

If in your garden you have plants that like acidic soil, occasionally pour pickle juice for better growth. You can also use this liquid as an anti-weed agent.

Studies have shown that if after a strenuous exercise instead of plain water you drink this juice, your muscles will recover faster as much as 37% than drinking water. Experts say that the electrolytes accelerate the recovery process.

As the juice from sauerkraut, liquid from pickles helps you to solve heartburn and hangovers. It also a good remedy for a sore throat and colds.

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