Do You Know When Is The Right Time To Eat A Banana?

Do You Know When Is The Right Time To Eat A Banana?

Given that we should eat bananas when they are ripe, you probably assumed after reading the headline that you already knew the answer to the query! That is correct, but it also seems that there are benefits to eating unripe bananas.

Scientists have found that the more spots a banana has, the more common its anti-cancer properties are. The number of brown spots on the fruit indicates that the TNF levels are elevated, which is the cause of this.

Ripe bananas are richer in fiber and antioxidants, potassium, vitamins C and B, and fiber. Their consumption is easier on the digestive system and offers countless health benefits.

However, there is some micronutrient loss that happens as the banana ages. To lessen the loss of vitamins and minerals, store your bananas in the fridge. Yet, be careful, as this can make them go brown quickly. Additionally, the high sugar content of ripe bananas is not beneficial for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

On the other hand, as we mentioned, green bananas have their benefits as well.

First of all, they are lower in sugar compared to ripe bananas and are richer in probiotic bacteria which support colon health. Therefore, they are better in case you suffer from type 2 diabetes or if you are trying to lose weight, as they have higher starch content and will keep you full longer. Moreover, unripe, green bananas help the absorption of nutrients, such as calcium, better than ripe bananas.

On the other hand, they are more difficult on the digestive system and might lead to bloating. Also, they have low antioxidant levels because these increase with the age of the banana.

Nevertheless, bananas are a real superfood, so regardless of the extent of their ripeness, they will support your health and wellbeing in various ways!

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