This Vegetable Will Fix Everything Wrong in Your Body!

This Vegetable Will Fix Everything Wrong in Your Body!

This veggie is one of the best to eat when it comes to curing several issues. However, we often overlook it as if we forget it exists.

The veggie I am referring to is the beet. Beets are extremely healthy and have potent medicinal properties.

Beets contain something known as anthocyanins which are known for having strong anti-cancer properties.

Betaine, another thing found in beets is a natural inflammatory and works well when it comes to supporting heart health.

Beets are able to regulate cholesterol levels, support healthy liver function, and boost blood flow. You can ingest beets raw, cooked, juiced, or baked but do not throw out the leaves.

Studies have even shown that if you consume potassium rich foods like beets and eliminate sodium you will be able to lower your risk of heart disease or stroke by twenty-one percent.

Why You Should Be Eating Beets

  • The betaine pigments in beets are great for supporting your body’s phase two detoxification process. This is when broken down toxins are bound to other molecules in order for your body to excrete them.
  • Drinking beet juice will help lower your blood pressure in a matter of hours. An average of four to five points can be lowered.
  • Beets are high in things like vitamin C, potassium, essential minerals manganese, and fiber.
  • Eating beets will give your stamina a boost.
  • The phytonutrients that give beets their color are actually very likely able to ward off cancer. Research has shown that beetroot extract was able to reduce multi-organ tumor formations in several different animals when administered through their drinking water.
  • As I mentioned above beets are natural anti-inflammatories. This is thanks to the betaine found inside them.

When it comes to keeping our bodies healthy we shouldn’t overlook anything. If you dismiss a veggie or fruit because you don’t think it can do anything then you are being neglectful.

Take the time to look into each and everything you have cross your mind. I personally love beets and the fact that their this good for me makes me want to eat them even more!

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