The Stars And Astrology Can Bring You Stars In Your Relationship!

The Stars And Astrology Can Bring You Stars In Your Relationship!

You are aware of the proverb that dates back thousands of years: "Everything is written in the stars."

Kings' and queens' inheritances, the exploits of valiant warriors, the results of wars—a solution to all the big questions was sought after among the stars. Just as above, so below.

But did you also know that besides this, your Zodiac sign can actually tell a lot about your spirit, your love-making intentions and your temper in the bed? Yes!

Zodiac and Astrology can also tell a lot about who you should date and who shouldn’t you date, according exactly to your character and your love-making traits.

If you’re interested, here’s just a quick glance at the basic Astrology terms and definitions you should know about, to start studying and understanding Astrology.
  • Astrology is “the study of how the stars, planets and other cosmic objects move, the relationship between them and how these influence human life and the world around us”
  • Horoscope is “an astrological chart or diagram depicting the position of the sun, moon and planets at a particular place and time”
    Houses. This the term used to describe “the 12 divided segments of the Zodiac and each house is ruled by a different Zodiac sign”
  • Moon sign. The Moon sign represents “your emotions and is the next most important influence in the Zodiac after your sun sign, which is the actual Zodiac sign”
  • Natal chart, or also known as a birth chart, “is a map of your life and shows who you are and who you will become, according to the universe”
  • Rising sign is also known as your ‘ascendent’ and “it is the sign that was ‘rising’ up over the horizon in the east at the time of your birth”

Astrology is an amazing tool that, if used right and properly, it can unlock and reveal great potentials.

For starters, you can teach yourself to use the basic – the birth, or the natal chart, which tells you exactly where all the planets were in the moment of your birth, or your partner’s birth, and you can compare the starting life positions of the two of you.

And here’s where the “great magic” starts! When you are using a birth chart, you should look for the basic three most important categories relevant for your love life: the moon sign, the sun sign and he rising sign.

Each are different and each sign brings a specific characteristic crucial for the love making and the future love life in your relationship. For example, the moon sign reveals the emotional needs and the way a person expresses their feelings. You can use this to discover what you or your partner want in the bed.

After you learn how to use a Natal chart, you should study more about the planet Mars, which is the ruling planet of passion and libido and also, Venus, that is the ruling planet of love-making capacity and intentions. No wonder there’s a book that has the title “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”!

Once you start exploring the stars you will understand that there are no coincidences and that everything is truly connected, yet also, determined.

You can find out if your partner is the one meant for you to be with and if you’re struggling with some heavy issues at the moment, you will learn how to surpass them, because intimacy and love making can cure a lot of “rotten” and unexplainable things in the relationship.

Love-making is the force and energy of creation. Use it wisely and deepen your thoughts and knowledge on this field.
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