14 Plants For Cough, Lung Infections, And Bronchitis

14 Plants For Cough, Lung Infections, And Bronchitis

Herb Plants were used as Alternative medicine in the past for dealing diseases and even nowadays doctors are still recommending some herb plants for diseases over medications, and these herb plants could drastically improve the health of your lungs.


Here are the Top 14 Plants for Cough, Lung Infections and Bronchitis


Traditional Indian remedy for lungs and it could be used in a form of tea or alcohol extract. Coltsfoot relieves asthma, cough, bronchitis and also purifies the bronchus and lungs.

Licorice Root

Licorice Root contains antiviral and antibacterial properties which makes it excellent in preventing lung cancer. This root serves as an expectoration remedy which reduces throat irritation and purifies inflamed mucky tissue. This root will deal with diseases of the respiratory system.


It’s not a secret anymore that Cannabis is the most effective anti-cancer plant, but could you imagine that Inhaling this plant could relieve the irritation of the oral cavity caused by smoking? Yes, and it will clear the bronchus and sinuses.

Ligusticum Poteri

Like the licorice, Ligusticum poteri is an Indian plant which grows only in the Rocky Mountains. Ligusticum contains camphor which is one of the best plants for strengthening the lungs. Also, It will improve the process of breathing in, relieve respiratory irritations and lung circulation.


Thyme is the best choice if you’re experiencing acne issue, but is also effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria. Thyme essential oils are classified as natural antibiotics, you can find out more benefits of thyme on this link.


Oregano will purify the respiratory tract and oregano oil could deal with the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. Oregano is rich with vitamins and miners which will boost your immune system


Lobelia contains lobeline, an ingredient that treats a few types of tumors, also eases the breathing process, also it’s a very effective plant against coughing.

Inula Helenium

This plant is a characteristic antibacterial operator for preventing lung diseases.


This plant with the specific aroma is one of the best cleaners of the respiratory system, also prevents congestion and sinus irritation.


Verbascum Thapsus

The concentrate of the leaves and blossoms of this plant has the ability to improve lung health. For example, one cup of boiled water with one tablespoon of the dried plant is a simple custom made tea that will make you a great deal.



Chapparal contains powerful antioxidants, which detox the lungs, mostly used in the form of a tea.



If you’re experiencing sore throat or a cough, the key is Sage tea. On the other hand, Sage essential oil is excellent for the respiratory system.



An extraordinary antioxidant that fights colds and improves ease of breathing.


Plantan Leaves

They can deal a dry cough and they’re an effective weapon against lung irritation, cough, and cold.

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