Which Button Would You Hit to Make a Positive Change in Your Life? The Answer Reveals How You Feel

Which Button Would You Hit to Make a Positive Change in Your Life? The Answer Reveals How You Feel

There is a reason that we constantly pick the right colors for our clothing, house decorations and so on. Those colors represent the condition in which our mind is. There has been a lot of color studies and examinations in the psychology field, and “Lüscher color test” is a brilliant test to aid you to see what is one person’s state of mind, goal and physical shape.

Here is an easy color test to help you to be in high spirit and to maybe make a positive change in your life if you need one. 


If you choose the color red, it means that you’re a person who is ready and eager to give many things to this world. It means that you want to be heard, noticed, and recognized. You want to do your best in any aspect of life (at work and in your personal life) by becoming the best employee, partner, etc.



Your attitude toward life is quite optimistic, assertive, and positive. Taking risks is something you’re not afraid of but at the same time, you manage to stay sensible and rational. You are well aware of your capabilities and are ready to use them to their fullest.



You’re the one who’s able to enjoy small successes. Your best motivation is understanding that big things begin with small steps. That’s why you always focus on the details and don’t miss the chance to improve them.



Choosing the green button indicates your permanent fight between being free and safe at the same time. You are the one who tries to always keep yourself balanced and calm which makes you a good friend, companion, and partner. However, there is one thing you should keep in mind: in pursuit of an equilibrium, you may forget about the things that really matter to you.



The period you are currently living through is full of good and pleasant things and you are well aware of it. The good news is that you don’t take things that come to you for granted and enjoy every moment, living your life to the fullest. The only thing you should remember is to stay level-headed and keep your feet on the ground, otherwise, it might become too painful to come down later.



Choosing the purple button indicates that you’ve reached the very life you’ve been dreaming about. Now you have enough confidence, self-esteem, and faith in yourself to pursue all the goals and desires you’ve been keeping within you for so long. You know what you deserve and use this knowledge for your own profit despite being a very sensitive person.



Choosing this color is all about the right balance. You appreciate the concept of living in balance and know how important it is in reaching goals. You are well aware that reaching an eternal balance is impossible but you’re doing your best to keep poised and composed in your life and in the lives of your loved ones.



Rationality is your second name. You are the one who keeps their feet on the ground and their head clear. This feature might be making you look cold and distant but those who truly know you know how sensitive and simple you are.

Which color did you choose? Has the result described your true feelings? Please tell us about it in the comments!



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