Read This Before Start Any Diet Plan

Read This Before Start Any Diet Plan

We've observed that the oldest and healthiest of my clients are the ones who grew up eating from the garden. These days, as more people look to improve their health through dietary and food changes, even food companies are following the health trends. Americans are taking action to change their image as the world's fattest country because we don't like it. Some individuals consider changing their diets in a healthy way; however, they should be cautious of choosing "dieting food." If you are unaware of this already, you should know that food contains risks that you should avoid at all costs.

What is “diet food“?  How about “sugar-free“? Food that the people are eating while on dieting? Food is food, isn’t it?



If I were to tell you that starting from tomorrow you begin with a detox diet, what would eat for the rest of the day? The possibility is that you are going to eat as much of those soon-to-be forbidden foods as possible. Because you will be afraid of the fact that will cut down on your favorite food, so eat it while you can.”

If you eat starving quantities of foods, it’s easy to bypass cravings for them for a little longer. If we consume a large amount of food, the heavy hit of calories makes it easy to sustain on lower calorie intake for a day or so until… our appetite returns.



When following a certain diet plan, all you do is focus on what you intake, and we go thru temptation when seeing our friends being happy while eating everything. When we restrict food, any foods, it can create an intense focus on getting those very foods. It’s human nature.



Diets take well-determinate individuals with aspirations and images and give them a program that offers a miserable 95% failure rate. Suddenly, those wondrous people take their shortage of success as a sign of their own individual weakness. They believe that certainly, they disappointed the diet when it was the other way.



When committed to a diet program replaces fullness and hunger, our body’s signals become obscure and difficult to recognize. If you diet you are following tells you to eat 6 times a day and you feel hunger for 3 meals and an afternoon snack, you are walking farther of what suits you for the sake of following along.

Yes, having a weight loose plan and regular schedule in place can be a match-changer for dining well. Nevertheless, this gentle arrangement is never meant to disregard what your body wants. Because your desire and fullness signs are being annulled, your sense of them may be more intense.



Much like disengaging from our body’s signs of starvation and fullness, diets can produce foods to seem appealing or extra-redundant. If you prefer broccoli but end up having it cooked meal after meal, you’ll start to dislike those tiny green vegetables.


How would you find out if your processed food is the cause of making you sick?

If you’re paying attention, you can notice whether what you’re about to eat is real food or chemically altered food. That is if there is an ingredient listing available.

Do you think this list of the ingredients is for food? It sure is long, but we can’t even pronounce some of the words. What I can suggest to you is that this list is NOT for diet food. Read it, would you eat this stuff? Ask yourself this: What is Polysorbate 60? What is Sodium Stearoyl? How about sodium acid pyrophosphate? Why is the corn starch “modified”? What do all those words ending in phosphate mean? When did we start adding all into this junk to our food? Scientists know what the ingredients are, but even though they have to list these chemical additives for you so you can make an informed decision on what you want to eat, my guess is they don’t expect most people to care enough to read the ingredient list or even understand it.


The majority will just take the package label off the face value and consume these packaged foods without doing their homework. If the packaging makes it look good, and tells you it’s Great!  lots of people will even give that to their children without a single hesitation. Beware of food that requires a degree in chemistry tо comprehend the added ingredients.


Always read the ingredients list!

Here is another ingredient list. This time it is for a food that is advertised as a “dieting food” and also one that is supposedly “good for you”.

Read the list of ingredients. Do you see anything in the list that raises red flags? Do you see any warnings? YES!!! YOU DO!!! What does that do to change your perception of the food product? Aspartame is one of the most dangerous chemical sweeteners on the market. It has been known to cause (at last count) 92 different unhealthy side effects in people, I included. We recently stopped using aspartame products and all my pain disappeared, plus some other bad personality-related stuff I was experiencing. Unbelievable, yes.

True, yes. I have also noticed my heart palpitations have ceased. I was having them almost every night before I went to bed. I’ve dropped five pounds, my belly is flattеr, and I feel more calm and unflappable than when I was using products containing this chemical. Oh yes, and that is annoying followed with a little dry cough I had is, but now it’s gone. Interesting to note are those changes after reading the full list of side effects I found on the Healthy Holistic Living website.

Aspartame is not the only chemical sweetener which is considerеd as junk, but it’s the most dangerous one. There are others as well. The issue with these laboratory additives is this: not only do they cause disease, but they also cause weight gain. Sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame K, saccharin. Stevia and tagatose are the most common addеd sweeteners besides sugar. The only two in this list that is actually non-harmful are stevia and tagatose. The others cause all sorts of dangerous health conditions, from leukemia and other cancers to hypoglycemia, heart problems, and diabetes.


What is actually a healthy food?

Do you remember what I said at the beginning? The healthiest and oldest people I know were raisеd on food their families grew themselves. They spent lots of time outdoors in the garden. They ate out of the garden. These are the people who are living well into their 90’s, hale and hearty. I met a guy last year who had just celebrated his 107th birthday. He was raisеd on a farm, ate out of the garden for most of his life, and spent plenty of time outdoors. Hmmmm, do you see the connection? Have you had an AHA! moment yet? I hope so, that moment was the whole point of this article.

Whole, organic food is where it’s at if you want to live a long, healthy life. Grow it yourself if possible. Stop eating packaged chemicals. There, it doesn’t get any plainer. So what are you waiting for? Donate or throw out all that processed food, and go get the fresh stuff. You can reverse a lot of the little aches and pains you have right now. That can eliminate some of that belly fat without a chemical, just buy fresh. You can live longer by living cleaner. You can stop the disease in its tracks without the help of a doctor or another chemical (pill). Your body is self-healing if you give it what it needs to do so. Care about your body and it will take good care of you for many long years to come.

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