Never Ignore These 6 Types of Headaches

Never Ignore These 6 Types of Headaches

Everybody occasionally gets certain kinds of headaches. These headaches can be brought on by stress, poor eating habits, or inactivity, and they can also be a serious indicator that something serious is going on in our bodies. It is essential to identify the type of headache in order to respond appropriately. Always seek medical advice if your headaches are inexplicable, unusual, or recurrent. See which headache types you should treat by looking through our headache list below.


Many people are not aware that they have because few migraine headaches are often misunderstood as sinus headache or tension. A migraine is a neurological state which results in throbbing pain, pain level to light and sound, vomiting and nausea. Some migration comes as a result of hormonal imbalances, weather changes, specific diet, and visual changes can help predict ongoing migraine.



Sinus headaches occur as a result of acute sinus infection, followed with symptoms in the form of pain around the eyes and nose, also a runny nose and sometimes fever. The pain range is from mild to moderate and should be treated with sinus medications and pain relievers.



The most common headaches are tension headaches. They are the outcome as a result of tension, stress or tightness, in the neck and the upper back muscles. It manifests as tightness in the forehead or dull pressure, and the pain is light to moderate. These headaches can be treated with some natural relaxation techniques like massage, yoga, meditation, or sometimes regular nap. If all mentioned does not help, then pain relievers can also be an option.



Are the rares once, affecting just 1-2 % of the population of the world? It occurs in the same sequence every day. It comes intense pain behind the eyeball and normally begins quickly after sleep. Cluster headaches can be treated by a wellness professional and should also include medications, nerve blocks and also melatonin.



These headaches also manifest in the form of migraine or tension. These diseases may indicate sleep apnea, brain tumors, and high blood pressure. The pain level and signs are diverse, so it’s necessary to seek a proper examination in the situation if you are undergoing frequent headaches after exercise or playing a sport.



Thunderclap headaches come all of a sudden with explosive pain. Followed by several headaches within minute seconds, however, the headache can persist for more than one week. It’s crucial to pay attention to the warning symptom of a thunderclap headache because it can indicate more severe illness. Therefore, seek doctor check right away when undergoing this headache. Its followed by vomiting, nausea, or consciousness loss. Headaches are always warning signs, and they are attempting to aware us about some condition. If any of these types of headaches are recurring and painfull seek immediate help from a doctor.

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