Keeping The Child’s Milk Teeth Could Save Childs Life Someday

Keeping The Child’s Milk Teeth Could Save Childs Life Someday

The US National Institute for Biotechnology Information states that diabetes and cancer may be treated with the cells.

Although the procedure of extracting bone marrow is painful, the toddler has already had the haste removed from its mouth. The entire process does not have to be followed. It implies that the stem cells kept in the tooth may be able to treat cancer in children diagnosed before the age of ten. Additionally, the teeth have a higher chance of remaining in good condition because they are not used for many years before falling out.

Stem cells can replace any cell in the body – it means scientists can use them to fight against illnesses.


It has become a medical trend recently

Doctors are now urging parents to keep their kids baby teeth, and no it’s not for sentimental purposes. A new study has shown those milk teeth are a high source of stem cells. Baby teeth are like protocells and will grow into multiple kinds of cells if necessary.

Hopefully not necessary, but that means that if later life stages if the child needs replacement tissues for any reason. The stem cells of their baby teeth can be beneficial to growing the tissue.


How to Store the Teeth

But there’s one more thing to pay attention to, you need to store those baby teeth fresh! Therefore keep them in a box don’t cut it. There are special services, like a Store-a-tooth that put the teeth in a liquid nitrogen cryo-preservation vault in which the stem cells will remain fresh for years. 


Moreover, some research shows that stem cells can be taken from baby teeth. And also have dental potential and medical uses in regenerating and repairing tissues. They are not yet sure to what level or when their potential uses will come to pass.  Keeping The Child’s Milk Teeth Could Save Childs life In The Future


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