Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Red Lipstick

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Red Lipstick

Without a doubt, red is a striking color that draws attention to itself. Even silence claims that red is a color that is strongly linked to strength and power and that wearing it can both increase your chances of success and make you seem more appealing to people of the other gender. "The red dress effect" is the name given to it. Here’s how to maximize that red look on yourself without committing a fashion faux pas.


Do: When wearing red satin, always go for a dress look rather than a slip, as it can look a little too much like lingerie, and not enough like a full ensemble.

Don’t: accessorize with the wrong things. Metallic accessories are a fabulous choice when rocking red, as are black and white accents. However, if you choose a color too close in the spectrum to red, colors start to clash, and not in a good way.

Do: Wear a brighter tone of red in the daytime, and a darker tone of red in the evening.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Red Lipstick

Don’t: Wear a red that doesn’t match your skin tone. Those with dark skin often pop in bright red or orange-infused looks, while those with light skin tones look lovely in darker red dresses.

Do: Go monochromatic. This is one of the only colors besides black and white that you can match with itself! An all red look is totally glamorous – consider a red embellished tunic dress with sequins and bright red shoes in velvet.

Don’t: Choose the wrong print. A classic print that we love, which is also inspired by past eras, is a red dress with white polka dots. This 1950s inspired look suits a range of individuals, and can be dressed up with a waist belt or Oxford shoes.

Do: Wear your red dress as an alternative to the little black dress. Some people prefer a little more vibrancy in their wardrobe, and a one-shouldered red dress of the right length can definitely be that. We suggest pairing with a black shoes and some sparkly details.

Don’t: Wear red with another color that’s too intense. Besides black and white, you van invest in neutrals like camel, nude, taupe, and gray.

Do: Rock a red velvet dress for holiday season. To be fair, you can rock a spaghetti strap red velvet dress at most formal events (as long as you pair with understated black shoes).

Don’t: Dress your red in a summery way when it’s cold outside. For a foolproof winter look in red, opt for a long-sleeved look that’s topped with a cream or white fur jacket and some matching creamy boots or Mary Janes.

Do: Invest in a red coat. There’s nothing more powerful than being in a red coat, whether its made out of crushed velvet, fur, or wool. It infuses you with power and confidence, which we all need a little more of, right?

Don’t: Opt for red bottoms that aren’t fitted. Red looks best in a slinky skirt, skinny jeans, or fitted joggers. When things get too loose, you might start to look like Ronald McDonald instead of Jessica Rabbit.

Do: Wear a red dress casually. Consider a semi-sheer dress, and pair with a leather jacket or a blue denim jacket. You can even add sneakers to mix the feminine and masculine aesthetic.

Don’t: wear too much red close to your face. This can make your own face look red, so we suggest breaking it up with a white top, or making your accessories a different color.

Do: play with prints! If you’re worried about your red looking too intense, you can always choose a printed red top that softens the look up a bit and adds texture.

Don’t: wear an overly red color palette. Sometimes, a red lip and strong blush might work with a matching dress, but often, it can look clownish. Instead, we suggest playing with a more neutral or berry makeup palette that makes your look more dynamic.

Do: Remember that there’s more than one shade of red. Burgundy, wine, and all those adjacent colors still work, but can be a lot less scary to experiment with and see what makes your skin and smile glow the most.

Don’t: Remember that while these are all suggested rules for wearing red – you can start with a belt, scarf or necklace, and see how your exploration of the color goes from there, if you’d like. Either way, it created striking effect but is a classic that has been worn over the years in infinite ways, by different powerful women.


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