Best Homemade Laxative To Empty Bowels Quickly

Best Homemade Laxative To Empty Bowels Quickly

Nowadays, a lot of people experience constipation. Numerous factors can contribute to it, including stress and irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS. This all-natural homemade laxative recipe will help you relieve constipation and remove toxins from your digestive system. There are just two ingredients in the recipe, and it's very simple to make. It will ease constipation and give your colon a thorough cleaning.


What you need:

  • One cup of dates approx 175 grams
  • One cup of prunes approx 175g of prunes.
  • Five cups of boiled water


How to Prep The Homemade Laxative

By using a knife slice the dates and prunes thinly. Add all into a pan with one liter of water. (By wish, you can additionally pour two tablespoons of fresh squeezed orange juice). Put the mix to boil and simmer for a good half an hour. It will form a really thick syrup. If the mixture is still more like liquid, cook it for a little bit longer until becomes thick. Next, let it chill and put it into a jar. You can eat this throughout the day or when constipated.

If you are not the biggest fan of dates, you can replace them with dried figs, or apricots and raisins. The principal ingredient is the prunes, which are rich in dietary fiber. It is also recommended to consume it with live yogurt, as a tasty natural medicine. It is a healthy practice to eat 2-3 prunes every day to keep your digestive tract moving. Prunes are also excellent at replenishing the body with energy because of the natural fiber and sugars. 

This mixture will make you go to in toilet and will support you to flush excess water off the body. The mix tastes well with porridge and also cereal, it is delicious to eat as breakfast.

General Constipation Relief Tips

Drink water regularly, at least eight glasses of water throughout the day to remain hydrated. Eat more fiber, particularly soluble, non-fermentable fiber, exercise regularly, drink coffee, eat probiotic foods and also probiotic supplements.

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