15 Minutes Of Walking Every Day Can Really Change Your Body!

15 Minutes Of Walking Every Day Can Really Change Your Body!

The majority of people don't exercise, which can have major negative effects on their health. It is not good for your health to spend the day lying around and not moving.

People engage in a variety of physical activities regularly to maintain their physical fitness and the strength of their bones and muscles.

To improve their health, everyone can find 15 minutes a day to engage in even simple physical activity, like walking.

Researchers at a French University pf Lyon conducted a study regarding how being physically active for 15-20 minutes a day can grant you a longer life.

The participants in the study were people older than 60 and all of them did 15 minutes of exercises on a daily basis, and this led to a decreased risk of death by 22%.

What this basically means is that even a 15-minute walk every day can help you live longer.

Doctors always recommend their patents to be more physically active for a minimum of 150 minutes every week. Walking every day also leads to other health benefits such as:


1. Pain Relief And Improved Mobility

By walking for a short period of time each day, your bones and muscles are strengthened in such a way that aches and pains are less likely to rear their ugly head. Those suffering from Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) saw the most benefit in this area.


2. Lower Blood Pressure

Moderate to brisk exercise, including walking, has been shown to reduce blood pressure and the associated risks.


3. Improved Brain Power

If you're finding your thoughts are a little foggy of late, try going for a walk! Both children and adults saw an improvement in their cognitive performance during studies following a brisk walk.


4. Diabetes Prevention And Control

Several studies have noted the benefits of regular exercise for those suffering from diabetes or at risk of becoming diabetic. Diabetes is impacted by blood flow so regular exercise will improve blood flow and thereby help with control and prevention of this disease.


5. Improved Mood

Feeling blue? Then head outside and discover a new corner of your neighborhood! Walking even a short distance has been shown to improve a person's mood and help give them a more positive outlook on life.


6. Reduced Cancer Risk

A recent study found that the risk of mortality from cancer was significantly reduced, even in those with advanced forms, when the sufferer took a brisk walk each day. What's more, those who continue this practice after being cured saw a dramatic reduction in the risk of reoccurrence. 


Tips For A Comfortable And Impactful Walk:

  • Wear comfortable shoes!
  • Walk at least 3.5 miles to feel a real difference
  • Pick up your speed by shortening your stride but increasing the pace
  • Posture is important: Be sure to keep your head up, looking forward, with your shoulders down and relaxed
  • Don't forget your arms: Your arms work together with your legs so pump your arms at a 90 degree angle to add a little momentum to your strides
  • If you want to ramp up the difficulty, try walking up inclines or steps to increase your heart rate and burn more calories!


9 Ways To Add More Walking To Your Life:

  1. Skip the elevator in favor of stairs
  2. Walk your dog or go with a friend
  3. Listen to a podcast to make it more interesting
  4. Walk to work or school
  5. Squeeze in a quick walk after lunch
  6. Evening walks can be a romantic occasion as well as healthy
  7. Suggest "walk and talk" meetings in the office
  8. Get off a few stops early and take in the surroundings
  9. Park your car a little further away to force yourself to walk

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