Home Remedies For Damaged And Brittle Nails

Home Remedies For Damaged And Brittle Nails

Many women deal with issues like damaged and fragile nails. What should be done to resolve this matter? Furthermore, why do the nails start to break and become dry? For what reason are the nails so delicate, and what is expected to support and ground them more appropriately? 

Without a doubt, we all understand that our nails reflect how we feel about ourselves. But why do we have sensitive nails in the first place, and how can this problem be resolved? In most cases, the lack of nutrients and microelements (amino acids, calcium, zinc, silicon, and nutrient D) is the main problem. Your diet should be high in proteins, microelements, and nutrients. The utilization of fish, beans, bread rolls, dry organic product, nuts foods are grown from the ground will assist you with stopping the procedure of harmed and weak nails. 

Olive Oil and Lemon Juice 

Warmth on steam one spoon of olive oil (to be warm) and blend it with few drops of lemon juice. Apply this blend on the nails, put on the cotton glove and abandon it overnight. You can make the system 1-2 times each week.

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