Colon Cancer Home Remedy

Colon Cancer Home Remedy

The third most prevalent type of cancer in the US is colon cancer, also known as malignancy of the colon. It affects both men and women equally. Colon cancer usually manifests after the age of fifty, and as people age, its incidence rises steadily.

Several risk factors have been found for colon cancer, despite the fact that the underlying cause is unknown. A family history of the disease is present in about 25% of cases of colon cancer, indicating a significant role for genetic factors in the disease's development.

The risk of colon cancer may also be raised by diets high in calories and animal fat.

It could take many years before the symptoms of cancer growth develop. Bleeding is usually the initial manifestation colon cancer, and it is the most common symptom that encourages patients to seek medical care.

Change in bowel habits, pain, anemia, loss of weight and loss of appetite are some of its symptoms.

Dietary Modifications:

Maintaining good nutrition through dietary modifications is one of the most effective home remedies for colon cancer.

It is important that the patient eats well to obtain the much needed nutrients and calories to maintain or improve physical strength and enhance the functions of the immune system.

The diet must consist of dietary fiber. Whole grains and whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables must be regularly consumed. Include foods with good fats, such as olive oil and omega-3 oils. It is also recommended to decrease the intake of red meat.


Turmeric, a curry spice used in Indian traditional medicine, is a potent natural cure for colon cancer. Turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, is found to be beneficial in fighting cancer cells of the skin, breast and colon.

Curcumin could get rid of colon cancer by blocking the activity of the hormone neurotensin, which is involved in the development of colon cancer. To make your own natural cure for colon cancer, boil one teaspoon of freshly ground turmeric powder in a cup of water, and strain. Drink the extract three times a day for six months.

Preventive Measures:

The best cure for colon cancer is prevention. Diet plays a role in colon cancer; thus, the best way to prevent it is through a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Consume foods high in dietary fiber and antioxidants, which is abundant in fruits and vegetables. Intake of animal fat, processed foods and bad fats must be limited.

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