How To Get Rid of White Fat Bumps Around Eyes Naturally

How To Get Rid of White Fat Bumps Around Eyes Naturally

Milia are the tiny white bumps on your skin that typically appear around your nose, cheeks, or eyes. They are also known as milk spots, and they are common in kids. They develop as a result of keratin becoming trapped beneath the skin.

Following certain skin care procedures like laser treatments, steroid creams, sun exposure, consumption, or rankles, milk spots can frequently develop. If you have milk spots, don't be alarmed because they aren't very common and have no negative effects on your general health.

They may not represent a wellbeing hazard but rather they are as yet terrible to take a gander at and numerous individuals might want to dispose of them. Fortunately for you, there are a couple of exceptionally successful common cures you can use to dispose of milk spots and we'll impart to you two or three them: 




  • Cereal is a magnificent solution for milk spots. 
  • Crush oats with a flavor processor, you can granulate a bigger sum and store it for later use, for this cure you'll just need a tablespoon of oats. 
  • Until everything is joined into a thick glue blend the cereal with a couple of drops of water. 
  • Giving unique consideration to the zones with milk spotsexfoliate your face with this cereal glue. 

Steam treatment

  • With regards to drain spotssteaming is a straightforward procedure however a somewhat compelling one. 
  • Heat up some water and pour it in a little bowl. 
  • Position your face over the steaming water and spread your head with a towel so the steam is centered around your face. 
  • Give the steam a chance to open your pores and for best outcomes play out this treatment consistently. 


  • Nectar is a solution for everything, including milk spots. 
  • Simply apply some nectar on your milk detects each day yet ensure the nectar you use is natural; it's the best one for this utilization. 
  • For around 20 minutes leave the nectar all over and wash your face with some warm water. 

Tomato Juice

  • Against milk, spot tomato juice is additionally a compelling characteristic cure. 
  • Get one tomato, cut it into half and rub its juice over the milk spots all over. 
  • Abandon it on for around 20 minutes and wash with tepid water. 
  • Rehash the treatment two times every week for best outcomes. 

Castor Oil

  • Castor oil is an astounding oil with a plenty of medical advantages. 
  • It's for the most part utilized for hair development and eyebrows and eyelashes thickening however it's powerful against milk spots too. 
  • Join 1tsp of the oil with 1tsp of olive oil and apply the blend straightforwardly on the milk spots. 
  • Leave the blend on for 10-20 minutes and wash it off with warm water. 

Sugar + Lemon shedding

  • The great technique for milk spots disposal is a decent shedding once or two times each week. 
  • Here's the means by which you can do it: blend 1tsp of sugar with a shower of lemon squeeze and back rub your face with this blend. 
  • Utilizing roundabout movement delicately apply it over the milk spots. For a couple of minutes rub the milk spots and wash with water a while later. 

Tea Tree Oil

  • For milk spotstea, tree oil is an incredible cure. 
  • You can discover it in pretty much every wellbeing store and it's useful for a wide range of skin issues on account of its antibacterial properties. 
  • For best outcomes purchase a decent quality tea tree oil. 
  • Apply the tea tree oil on the influenced zones and abandon it on amid the night. 
  • Flush it off with some water when you get up the following morning. 
  • The oil is super oil so you should need to attach your hair medium-term to abstain from lubing it.

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