10 Common Problems With Glasses That Can Affect Health & Wellness- Find Solutions

10 Common Problems With Glasses That Can Affect Health & Wellness- Find Solutions

Even though wearing glasses causes many annoying issues, it is still necessary for clear vision. You do not have to put up with the discomfort of wearing glasses if your vision is impaired, but you must wear glasses. These straightforward problems with wearing the glasses can be fixed. The common glass issues listed below can be solved!

Are you simply putting off setting your glasses properly? The wearing of your glasses will then obviously be problematic. Between tasks, it will obstruct your vision and cause you to lose focus. You do, however, have some straightforward solutions to the problems you are having with your glasses. Here, we provide you with the appropriate solutions to some of the problems you encounter frequently when using glasses.

We are aware that having clear vision benefits one's health and happiness. We are providing advice for glasses wearers to help them achieve this as a result. After reading all of the points, you can start putting them into practice right away.

Common Problems with Glasses Wearers Face – Find the Solutions

1.My glasses are loosened and don’t stay up

Try to wear the stretcher frames, do you? If so, be aware that your face will slide down the stretched frames. It is a common issue that people who wear glasses experience over time. Handle your eyewear gently, and keep them away from anything that could cause the frames to stretch.

Therefore, what you can do is swap out your old frame for a new one that is sturdy and properly sized. Make sure to go forward to avoid exposing your glasses to direct heat or sunlight. Plastic, which is used to make frames, stretches when heated. Therefore, when not in use, keep your glasses in a case.

Another important thing that you must remember is to handle your glasses a little gently. Don’t over-stretch while wearing your glasses as it can loosen the frame.

2.Glasses are too thick, they make my eyes blurry

It is eventual to have a blurry vision with thicker glasses. The lens might match your sight but you must select the right contact lens and frame to avoid this problem.

If you are facing this problem then you must try an oval-shaped or round-shaped frame to cover up the edges of thick lenses. To an extent, this solution can help you by setting a blurry vision to normal. Otherwise, you can get the edge thinner by making the whole lens thinner as well.


3.While having hot foods and drinks, fog forms on the glasses

When you want to enjoy a cup of tea, the hot smoke layers the fog on your glasses. This can interrupt your happy tea time. This is the biggest complaint that people have about wearing their glasses. But wearing glasses is something that you cannot compromise on. So, what you are left with is, finding a solution for the fog formation of the lens.

You can wash your glasses with mild soap and plain water prior to wearing them. The soap wash can reduce the surface tension. Also, remember not to use the tissues and any regular cloth to wipe and clean your glasses. It is always recommended to use microfiber cloths to avoid moisture formation.

This is something all glasses-wearers have been facing after COVID protocols. Wearing a mask is unavoidable but what about


4.My glasses slide down whenever I sweat

This is a repeated complaint about wearing glasses. When you are shedding sweat at the gym or on a sunny day, your spectacle refuses to stay up on your face. It is a trouble as your vision gets disturbed while you want to accomplish the task at the moment. You need a solution for this common problem as a glasses wearer.

Firstly, you must check if the specs are properly sitting behind your ears. The frame of your glasses must be tucked behind your ears which stops them from sliding down.


5.I experience night glare with my glasses, which makes driving uneasy

Basically night glare is an effect with both bright and dim lights. Light with high brightness may squint your eyes and make your eyes teary which impairs your vision in night. Conversely, dim light can affect the vision with a reduction in contrast to images. These two problems of night glare can make driving an uneasy task.


6.I feel eye strain even with glasses

Many express that “I wear glasses but eyes still strain”. This is when you are wearing glasses of incorrect prescription. As the vision is weaker with your present glasses, your eyes tend to strain to look over something. If you are killing sleep, under stress, overtime work and certain medications can increase the problem.

If you are going through this issue even wearing the spectacles then you must consult your doctor to check your vision and then get a new prescription if needed. Also, it is important to take care of your health and wellness to reduce eye strain.


7.I got spectacle marks on the nose with regular use

Spectacles and nose marks are inseparable! The tight nose pads attached to the frame leaves the marks on your nose. The marks elevate as you regularly use the glasses. If you are someone who needs the glasses 24/7 then it creates the marks. We have a solution that may help you to some extent. If you started wearing the glasses recently then you can prevent the dark marking on your nose. It doesn’t reduce the existing marks but at least prevents the permanent marks.

You can try the soft foam nose pads that are adhesive to your spectacles. Then wearing specs will not be a bigger problem for you.


8.I often suffer from a headache even wearing my glasses

Are your glasses who suffer from headaches? Then you are not alone as it is a suffering for many.

Some are prescribed to wear bifocals to correct vision problems. But then these glasses are not made to protect your eyes from excessive exposure to the screens.

What you have to do is- consult your optometrist for no-line bifocals which can prevent headache. And headaches are also common for people who wear regular glasses. Then we advise you to discuss with your optometrist for a vision check-up and they may give you a new prescription accordingly.


9.Motion sickness

Do you experience motion sickness every time you replace your spectacles? The primary thing that you must understand here is the cause behind this problem. Few people may face it as they are trying to adjust to the perioral field of vision. (R) The new spectacles can cause motion sickness if you are prone to it. You need to understand that it is short-term nausea.

What you can do about this problem is- be prepared and be a little conscious until you adjust to the new pair of glasses. Awareness and care solve half of your issue so we addressed this point here.


10. Broken glasses, vision is a challenge until I get the new pair

When you are breaking your glasses, another addition to your monthly expenses. Not only that you also face a vision problem that is unexplainable.

So, just to overcome this challenge, always place your glasses in their dedicated case. Don’t misplace it anywhere when you are not using it as it causes damage and breaks the glasses easily. Also, keep a spare of glasses to overcome this challenge.


7 Most Important Eye Care Tips for people who wear Spectacles

You have the tips that can solve your other problems as a glasses wearer.

1)Don’t delay any eye-related problem

When you are using the prescribed glasses, you are carefree about your eye condition. You might think eye strain or blurry vision is common but it may not be normal. It could be due to the wrong glasses prescription or you may have to replace your glasses. You must consult your optometrist to check your site and get the new glasses as per the prescription.


2)Clean your glasses before wearing

You must never wear your glasses without cleaning them. Glasses easily catch dust which can lead to eye infections, allergies. So, protect your eyes by only wearing clean glasses. Take a mild soap to wash your glasses and pat dry them with a microfiber cloth.


3)Go for prescribed sunglasses

The vision corrective glasses don’t do the job of sun protection of your eyes. You can leave your eyes exposed to sun exposure which can lead to other different sets of harmful effects. So, always choose the prescribed sunglasses which can support a healthy vision and eye protection from harmful sun rays.


4)Choose the right glasses

You must check with all the features of the pair of glasses. Consider the lens thickness, strength, and frame as well. If you are missing any of these then it can result in vision problems, eye strain which will worsen. Always prefer the glasses that are prescribed by an optometrist.


Is Better Vision Without Glasses Possible?

You might want to look for alternatives for glasses that are possible and equally safe. It is a reasonable thought to look for alternatives for glasses as you have a few-


I.Contact lenses

If you are looking for a non-surgical option in place of glasses then it must be contact lenses. The lenses are various for the improvement of vision. Lenses are made for different vision problems like nearsightedness and farsightedness. They also come in varied colors and materials.

You must always prefer wearing a high-quality lens to avoid infections, damage to the eyes. Even high-quality lenses cause dryness, itching, burning in the eyes, infections, and corneal damage. (R) It is important to have good maintenance of your lenses to avoid these problems. Otherwise, contact lenses are not an advisable alternative for prescription glasses.


II.Refractive eye surgery

Another option to repair an impaired vision is refractive eye surgery with the help of a laser. Laser alternates the shape and size of the cornea for normal vision. If the surgery is successful then the results will be incredible as you don’t have to use glasses any more.

There are also unsuccessful cases in the history of eye surgery that give a second thought to it. If the eye surgery is unsuccessful then it can worsen the vision problems with blindness or double vision. These effects can damage the vision permanently where even spectacles cannot help you with normal vision. The complaints around this alternative are degrading the vision eventually.


III.Eye therapy

This unconventional way of skipping glasses has been shown to work in a number of situations. Eye therapy is practiced using a variety of methods and names by different professionals. According to experts, eye therapy improves brain-eye communication. The brain gives the eyes instructions so they can work more effectively and support clear vision. Visual exercises such as patterned images, color contrasts, and others are part of the therapy. This approach can help with vision improvement, but it can't help with corneal health, so it might not be a good option for everyone.


These Common problems with glasses your facing are related to your health and wellness. You wear spectacles to correct your vision or for eye protection. But then sometimes, spectacles might not do the right job or you can commit certain mistakes unknowingly while wearing them. Either of these challenges can affect you in different ways. The solutions given here can be a rescue from the common problems of wearing glasses. We have given important eye care tips for the glasses wearers which are easier to implement. Keep it all in practice to experience the best with your eyewear.

source: healthspectra.com

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