This Woman Didn’t Wash Her Hair For 6 Years, Read About Her Experiences

This Woman Didn’t Wash Her Hair For 6 Years, Read About Her Experiences


We recently learned about a fantastic haircare method. There is an American woman whose hair, despite not being washed for six years, not only didn't get bad but also became the envy of many.


Learn about her experiences:

Recently i met an old friend and she said about this. Her hair was really beautiful, smooth and shiny. When I asked her about the secret she just said that she stopped using shampoo.

The idea of perhaps not washing my hair with shampoo seemed gross at the beginning, but something in my head said I should test it. I said, If it worked on her, it will work for me, too.

My hair is great, but it gets greasy really fast. I have been washing it every day with a shampoo, but things become even worse. It absolutely was all fizzy and dry.

Months later, I was on a break in Thailand, and I decided it is the right time to decide to try my friend’s recipe. I said “I am on the beach, so people will not notice that my hair is greasy. ”

But, I really could not even assume just what will happen in the very first few weeks.

It was quite an unpleasant surprise. The very first weeks I was trying to hide myself in every way possible. I used every possible accessory to cover up my greasy roots. I was very nearly ready to give up.

When I got straight back, I washed my hair thoroughly with water, without using any shampoo, of course.

Things started changing after six weeks. The condition of my skin and greasy roots started improving. My hair failed to look fabulous, however it looked more like normal.

I managed to steer clear of the chemical-loaded products and services and reached the purpose where miracles happen.

I did not do such a thing, and my scalp was not greasy. The skin on my haid was normal and my hair was amazing.

When you stop damaging the hair on your head with chemicals, it starts up its natural maintaining syste.

Now, I cannot watch for people to ask what exactly is the secret of having hair like mine.

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