10 Vital Reasons To Drink 2 Liters Of Water Every Day

10 Vital Reasons To Drink 2 Liters Of Water Every Day

Despite the fact that you are aware of the vital role water plays in your body, chances are you do not drink enough of it. Even in developed nations, dehydration is a common problem. Many people need to pay more attention to their water intake and drink at least 2 liters of water each day because they may not even be aware that they are dehydrated.

Insufficient water intake can improve the chances of these 10 health problems appearing:

1. Cholesterol

When your blood loses liquids, it starts creating cholesterol so that you can stop any further loss.


2. Constipation

The intestines need a few of the water from the foodstuff that is already digested in the stomach, meaning if you do perhaps not drink enough liquids, you may sure have problems with constipation.


3. Indigestion

Insufficient intake affects the secretion of gastric juices and contributes to indigestion.


4. Urinary infections

If you do not drink enough liquids the human body will eventually dissolve the toxins in the urine and result in urinary infections.


5. Eczema

Your system requires enough liquids so you can sweat and eliminate the toxic substances which could irritate your skin.


6. Rheumatism

Dehydration advances the concentration of noxious substances in blood and tissues, and thus increases pain.


7. General fatigue and lack of energy

Insufficient water intake leads to poor enzyme action, fatigue and mood swings.


8. Premature aging

The total amount of water in our body decreases as you grow old — it’s 80% in babies and 70% or less in elderly. The lack of liquids accelerates the aging process.


9. Obesity

Dehydration makes you think you are hungry and eat more than you ought to. Lack of water also affects your metabolic process.


10. High or low blood pressure

The possible lack of liquids affects your blood pressure, because water is quite important for the conventional blood flow.

Remember, the body loses water through breathing, sweating, urine and bowel movement. Proper bodily functions require enough liquids. Make sure you drink an adequate amount of water and foods full of water. Healthier men should drink 3, and women should drink 2, 2 liters of water every day.

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