Shen Men – The Pressure Point Which Relieves You Of Any Distress

Shen Men – The Pressure Point Which Relieves You Of Any Distress

Before antibiotics or even the typical over-the-counter medications were available, people had to rely on their body knowledge and various methods of self-healing. In India and China, respectively, there were Ayurveda and acupressure. People in those prehistoric societies had such a deep understanding of their bodies that these techniques worked. People still use these techniques in modern times to improve their health or treat certain ailments.


The foundation of the Chinese acupressure technique is the idea that the health of various body parts is largely controlled by specific pressure points. There will therefore be a number of points where pressure can be applied using this method. According to this Chinese healing technique, there is a specific area called "Shen Men" that will help right away by relieving any stress you may be experiencing as well as eliminating insomnia or nervousness.


The point called Shen Men is present on the upper part of the inner ear. By just massaging it a bit, you can make it active. And once activated, it will slowly drain away all the stressful energy from your body. It is not only anti-stress – it will also strengthen your immune system, bring a reduction in stress and get you an extra boost in your energy level.

How Will You Massage The Point Called Shen Men

Activating your Shen Men is quite simple. All you have to do is follow these instructions properly so that you can hit the right spot.

– First, you have to press on the point on your ear with your finger.

– Now, rub it in the form of a massage.

– As you are massaging that point, you have to slowly breathe in and then breathe out.

– As you are breathing in, gaze to your left. As you are breathing out, gaze to your right. However, make sure you are not moving your head while you are looking at either direction.

– Now, slowly connect with your body. You will see that there is a wave of relaxation passing through it.


* Don’t try to use your entire hand to massage the Shen Men point. Remember it’s a very small point and is almost inaccessible. Use your fingertips to make the most out of it.

* If you are feeling stressed out, then you know what to do. Just use your fingertips and start rubbing the Shen Men point.

* If you want to have a good sleep and can almost predict that you may not be able to get it, then start massaging the Shen Men point. Get your beauty sleep.

Our body has a lot of mysteries and the Shen Men point is one of them. And now, you can unlock it.


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