What You Should Know Before Wearing Magnetic False Eyelashes

What You Should Know Before Wearing Magnetic False Eyelashes

False eyelashes have become a popular beauty accessory, allowing individuals to enhance their natural lashes and achieve a glamorous look. While traditional false eyelashes require glue for application, magnetic false eyelashes have emerged as a convenient and mess-free alternative. These innovative lashes use tiny magnets to adhere to the eyelids, eliminating the need for adhesive. However, before diving into the world of magnetic false eyelashes, there are a few things you should know.


Things Women Need to Know About Magnetic False Eyelashes

Magnetic lashes, which are false lashes secured with magnets, not glue, made a huge splash in the beauty scene. But are they really that much easier to apply?

The boom of eyelash growth serums, curling procedures, lash extension and lengthening mascaras should prove the point, the world is obsessed with the quest to longer, fuller eyelashes. But despite all this beauty tools, applying false eyelashes is one tried and true trick that makeup artists and many women have been using for years. And the surge of magnetic eyelashes hitting the market proves this option isn't one to ignore.


How Magnetic Eyelashes Work

Once only adhered to your natural lash with adhesive glue, magnetic eyelashes secure to each other, and your lash line, with tiny magnets. The latest brand to launch this type of technology is celebrated falsies brand, Ardell. According to Jadene Munson, the Global Brand Ambassador, they "feature virtually invisible magnets placed along the lash line that lock together and secure the lash along your natural lash line." This brand's full strip lashes, specifically, feature four magnets for an impressive hold, while the accent lashes feature three magnets. Basically, you are sandwiching your natural eyelashes between two strips held together with magnetic force.


Important features to consider

Length of lash: The majority of the lashes we tested were about three-eighths of an inch in length. This is longer than what most people need, but you can always trim your magnetic lashes to be a more manageable length. One of our testers preferred their falsies to be about a quarter of an inch long, while the other preferred a full-length lash. It is a matter of personal preference, largely influenced by your natural lash length and thickness.

Are Magnetic Eyekiner Eyelashes Safe?

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) requires all "false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, and their adhesives to meet their safety requirements. Although the FDA warns users to check the ingredients, before using adhesives, how do magnets fit in? The FDA doesn't say. However, one optometrist, Mila Loussifova, said she isn't concerned about the use of magnets near one's eyes.
While this may not be the case for all magnetic lashes, One Two Cosmetics asserts that it has performed extensive internal testing, and retained Princeton Consumer Research to independently study the effect of continued use of the magnetic lashes in healthy female subjects" and has thus been dubbed "safe for use." However, those with preexisting eye conditions should abstain from using eye products, including One Two Lash magnetic lashes.


How to Apply Magnetic False Eyelashes

The directions for most magnetic lashes are simple enough. However, if you give yourself about half an hour and follow these tips, you can get the technique down.
There are plenty of magnetic eyelash applicators on the market. One sample magnetic eyelashes tested is Rapid Vitality – False Eyelash Applicator to apply our lashes. Also, many of our magnetic eyelashes came with a cheaper plastic version of this type of applicator. Neither of  testers found these applicators particularly helpful. Instead, very recommend using tweezers or using the technique described by many lash expert. This tactic will help to prevent the lashes and magnets from moving too far from the lash line, ensuring they look more natural.

1: Apply black eyeliner prior to lash application for a smoother blend.
2: Line up the bottom lash under your lash line.
3: Position the top lash to connect the magnets. Align the top and bottom lashes with your index finger and thumb takes some getting used to, but our testers were eventually able to get the hang of it.
4: Apply mascara to blend lashes.
5: To take off magnetic eyelashes, place your lashes between your index finger and thumb, then rub your fingers together to gently separate the magnets.
Very recommends investing in a triangulated mirror. These mirrors allow you to see your lash line from multiple angles, which can help take some of the frustration out of applying magnetic eyelashes.
However, it is important to note that lashes that work for a natural day look still require some mascara and curling to fully blend into your lashes. Day-look lashes also had to be comfortable enough to wear for eight hours straight.


How to Remove Magnetic Eyelashes

When you're ready to take them off, gently rub the top and bottom of your lash and the magnets will separate on their own, releasing the lashes. Always wash your hands before, because we're dealing with your eyes, after all.

Having longer, fuller eyelashes is something many of us want. Mascara helps, but sometimes we're really going for a dramatic effect. This is a great time to turn to false eyelashes, or even eyelash extensions, in order to get the perfect amount of flutter and volume

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