How to keep Sex Life Alive after Marriage

How to keep Sex Life Alive after Marriage

Many couples find their sex life dull and impassionate after long years of marriage.  And would you believe that losing this kind of intimacy with your partner becomes a serious turning point leading to break-up?  Sex within marriage is the most beautiful gift for partners.  It celebrates love and intimacy to both parties.  So how do you keep it in bright colors?

  • Nothing beats communication. Talking with each other spices up things eventually.  You’re husband and wife so you can talk dirty and share fantasies with each other.  Moreover, share you what you expect from each other. Tell each other your limitations.  Learn to persuade in the process and explore!
  • Make a point in making those desires realized. Buy that fiery and daringly red lingerie and that popular g-string for men.  Choreograph your version of erotic dancing and poses for foreplays.
  • Invest on visual aids like erotica books, playboy magazines and erotic videos. We’re on a media boom nowadays.  These types of visuals are typically everywhere.  Select and own one or more, but just be sure that you share them with each other.
  • Start your mornings with a cup of coffee and flirty moments. You want to end up having a sizzling night?  Set up the mood in the morning, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a promising night.
  • Give non-sexual touches. Hold each other’s hands.  Kiss your partner’s forehead, cheeks and lips in a sweet kind of way.  These simple gestures speak more than they demonstrate.

There are numerous ways in keeping your sex life alive during marriage, but you have to keep in mind that success in marriage needs consent, willingness and hard work between husband and wife.

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