Dermatologists are scared. The natural remedy to eliminate the fungal of the feet is revealed

Dermatologists are scared. The natural remedy to eliminate the fungal of the feet is revealed

Fungal nail infection is common and occurs for different reasons such as humidity. It is important to note that the toenails are more prone to infection than those of the hands and that this type of fungus grows by feeding on the nails and outer layers of the skin, producing damage to the nails and underneath them.


If the fungi do not receive treatment, they can affect the whole nail, which makes it more difficult to eliminate them, and we must be alert because when a nail is infected with fungi, these can also be passed on to the stockings and shoes, thus infecting the skin and other nails.


Fungi on the nails are called onychomycosis. These fungi usually appear on the nails of the toes, but they can also attack the nails of the hands. They generate an annoying change in their appearance as the thickness, the appearance of stretch marks or the change from yellow to brown.


The appearance of fungi on the feet that make your nails look damaged, is not necessarily due to lack of cleanliness, but to the reproduction of bacteria that can increase in hot and humid places as they are propitious means for the growth of fungi. Bathrooms, showers, changing rooms and public swimming pools are examples of places that frequently harbor fungi. To frequent these public spaces without footwear is an important risk factor to acquire mycosis in the nails.


In addition to that, the toes are at the point of the body farthest from the heart, not being as well irrigated as the fingers of the hands. Thus, antibodies and defense cells of the organism do not reach the toenails as easily as other parts of the body. That is why we must resort to remedies designed to eliminate fungi, something that is no easy task.


It may seem surprising, but there are simple and effective home remedies that will help you eliminate nail fungus without leaving your home.


With just a few ingredients that you probably have in the cupboard, you can prepare this homemade and natural treatment that will end your problem.


Vinegar is an acid that combined with sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the reproduction of fungi. Do this treatment in the following way.

  • Apple cider vinegar.
  • Sodium bicarbonate.
  • Warm water.
  • A container for the feet.


Place vinegar in the container to cover only your nails. Leave them submerged approximately 20 minutes.

  • Remove the vinegar feet and dry very well.
  • Discard the vinegar and fill a container with warm water and add baking soda. Enter the feet.
  • Let the feet soak another 15 or 20 minutes, remove from the water and dry well.
  • You can repeat this home regulation as many times as you need.

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