THIS Is How She Wants You to Text Her! (Texts Women LOVE)

THIS Is How She Wants You to Text Her! (Texts Women LOVE)

As technology continues to evolve, texting has become a vital component of our daily communication. It's fast, easy, and convenient, and it has revolutionized the way we interact with one another. However, when it comes to texting a woman you like, it can be tricky to navigate. You don't want to come off too strong or too weak, and you want to ensure that your texts are engaging and interesting. So, how do you text a woman in a way that she will love? Here are some tips to get you started:


1.  Keep it casual and friendly

When you're texting a woman, it's important to keep the tone casual and friendly. You don't want to come off as too intense or pushy, as this can be a turn-off. Instead, focus on building a connection and getting to know her better. Use light and playful language, and don't be afraid to inject some humor into your messages.


2. Decisive texts

Women love a man with a plan.

When she asks – “Where do you want to meet?” – she doesn’t want to receive a text from you saying, “I don’t know, I’ll let you pick”.

Even if you don’t have an answer at that exact moment, tell her you’ll think about it and then come back later.


3. “Great meeting you” texts

There are a lot of different theories on how to play the game right.

If you felt a strong connection and had a great chat, send her a text shortly after you get her number – while your conversation is still fresh in her mind.

Keep it to a minimum, sweet, playful, and fun by letting her know that you enjoyed the conversation.

Try something like…

  • “Hey, it’s Greg, the guy you’re probably talking about with your friends right now. ? I
    really enjoyed our chat, let’s catch up soon.”


4. “I’m proud of you” texts

Randomly sending her appreciation texts when she least expects it is a nice way to throw her off guard.

Tell her how much you appreciate her kindness, her honesty, her courage, her work ethic or her humor.

By doing this, you’re letting her know how much you love her.

Just don’t overdo it…too much flattery comes across as insincere.

A few texts that get the job done:

  • “Do you have any idea how important you are to me?”
  • “I love that I can be myself around you.”
  • “I’m so lucky to have you. You are such a hard worker and you always take care of me.”
  • “I’m amazed at how you are able to smile through difficult times – you’re really strong.”
  • “You are such a kind person – I’m so proud to call you my girlfriend.”


5. Flirty compliment texts

While “I’m proud of you” texts let her know that you love her, “Flirty compliments” remind her how sexy she is.

Make sure that you compliment something that SHE likes about herself and, as always, be specific.

The more detailed, the better – it shows that you have really thought about the praise and you’re not simply sending an “insert compliment here” text.

Does she squat like a champ?

Compliment her firm tush.

Does she have shiny, soft hair?

Compliment how wonderful it smells and how it feels in your hand.

Are her eyes stunning?

Tell her that you love when they meet yours.

Two examples:

  • “I can’t stop thinking about how beautiful you looked in your new skirt. Your sexy strong
    legs are perfection.”
  • “Just saw your new cover photo. You’re hot and I’m lucky.”


6. “I miss you” texts

I wouldn’t necessary suggest sending too many “I miss you” text messages in the beginning of a relationship.

However, once you’ve been together for a while, this type of text is often powerful.

Regardless of the circumstance that is forcing you to be apart – a business trip, school, an unexpected pandemic – let her know that life is not going on as usual.

For instance:

  • “I’m lying in bed missing you. Can’t wait to have you back in my arms.”
  • “Haven’t really laughed since you left. I miss you.”
  • “One more day and you’ll be back where you belong – with me.” ?
  • “Wish you were here so we could get cozy under the covers.”


7. Encouragement texts

One of the best parts of being in a relationship is knowing that your partner has got your back, that they are your biggest fan, and that they are always there to support you.

Even if she is extremely independent and confident, sending her a few words of encouragement helps build a solid relationship.

Texts worthy of writing include:

  • “Remember, you’re the best!”
  • “You’re going to be great day.”
  • “Be prepared for some major spoiling later.” ?
  • “You’ve got this! You’re going to be a star!”


8. “I’m sorry” texts

Deep conversations and big disagreements should always be discussed face to face (or at least via FaceTime or Skype if that isn’t possible).

But small misunderstandings can be smoothed out over text.

Did you have a horrible day at work and spend the entire evening looking at your phone instead of enjoying your date?

Send her a short text letting her know that it wasn’t her fault and that you’ll make it up to her.

Something like…

  • “I’m sorry I was such poor company tonight. Rough, rough day at work. How about we
    grab some dinner on Friday, and I promise to make you laugh until you cry?”


9. “You’re amazing” texts

Maybe you think to yourself all the time what an amazing catch she is.

But do you tell her?

If not, you should! There’s no time like the present to send a text that will make her smile.

Texts that work include:

  • “No matter what happens, you’re somehow able to make everything all right.”
  • “What is the most gorgeous woman on the planet up to?”
  • “Can you stop invading my dreams? A man needs to sleep.” ?


10. Gentleman texts

Whether it’s your first date or your hundredth date, always tell her how much fun you had and make sure she made it home safely if she drove or took public transportation.

Try something like…

  • “Such a fun evening, I’m still laughing about your crazy neighbor story. Text me when
    you get home safely.”
  • “Thanks for once again making me the guy that all the other guys hate because I was the
    one with the most beautiful, funniest woman. Text me when you’re home.”


11. “Straight from the heart” texts

Instead of trying to be cool, let your guard down and let her into your head.

Authentic, straight from the heart texts build intimacy and strengthen your relationship.

A few to give a go include,

  • “Just seeing your name pop up on my phone makes me smile.”
  • “Typical Monday – the work keeps piling up and I keep thinking about you.”
  • “Wish you were here right now.”


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