15 Psychological Facts About Love That You Will Really Love


15 Psychological Facts About Love That You Will Really Love

Are you familiar with the feeling of having butterflies in the stomach? The most widely known reason for this phenomenon is Love. What is more interesting is that there are a lot of interesting (and romantic!) psychological facts about love, you might not know about.


15 Psychological Facts About Love That Everyone Would Love To Know.

1. Men fall in love faster than women. Women take 15 days, men just 8 seconds.

2. Love is literally blind. It doesn’t seem to matter what other people say to your lover. He/she is always perfect in your eyes.

3. The more you ignore the one you like, the more you will fall for them.

4. Love always starts with physical features.

5. Heartbreak after true love is equally painful as physical pain.

6. Love is a drug and it is as addicting as cocaine. Once you have it, it’s hard to stop it. You will always want more.

7. People loving people of the opposite nature last for a longer period of time than loving people of a similar nature.

8. Just by looking at the picture of your beloved one, you can feel a sense of relief.

9. The one who cries with you in your pain can never leave you.

10. Some people can’t bear the loss of beloved ones and eventually die after a few months and years due to mental or physical illness.

11. You always relate to a person you love with your best songs.

12. People say that trust is very important in a relationship. But, it’s a false concept. Time is the most important thing. With time grows trust, friendship, and an inseparable bond between your partner and you.

13. Talkative girls and silent boys make the best couples.

14. Not speaking with the one you love for more than 48 hours can make you feel homesick. 

15. True love can wait for more than 10 years to get in a relationship with the one they love. Sometimes it’s even more than 50 Years.

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