We Are Eating A Poison! Here’s How To Identify GMO Tomatoes In 2 Easy Steps!

We Are Eating A Poison! Here’s How To Identify GMO Tomatoes In 2 Easy Steps!

We were always told, even as little kids, that we need to eat fruits and vegetables, that they are healthy and should be an indispensable part of everyone’s diet! However, lately there seems to be a growing concern about how healthy these fruits and vegetables we eat really are. Let’s take tomatoes for example, do you know how you can identify if it’s a GMO product or not? Many people don’t know and many people just don’t care, but there are many who do care but just don’t know how to recognize these “frankenfoods”.


Whichever group you belong to, the following information will be very useful because we’ll tell you how you can tell if a tomato (or any other fruit or vegetable) is GMO, organic of grown with pesticides and chemicals.


Fruits and vegetables that are grown in the usual way (with the injection of chemicals) are labeled with a code consisting of four digits.  Organically grown fruits and vegetables are tagged with a label code consisting of five digits, starting with 9. While the Genetically modified fruit and vegetables have a price tag with a code consisting of five digits starting with the number 8, so you need to steer clear of these products. Knowing what you buy is really important because nowadays more than 80 percent of processed foods in the States have been genetically modified. In Europe, in many countries like Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Luxemburg the government has banned the production and sale of GMO food. It is my opinion that we need to do the same.

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