This Hormone Is The Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight – Here Is How To Fix This Problem!

This Hormone Is The Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight – Here Is How To Fix This Problem!

Numerous people around the world have weight problems. If you belong to this group of people, and if you have seen that the diet or the exercising do not give the desired results, then the hormone leptin might be what you really need to handle right away.

The cells of the body discharge this hormone, whose major function is to regulate the levels of energy and the weight of the body. The leptin actually sends the brain signals to eat when the energy levels drop and triggers the fatty tissues of the body to burn fat.

As you become more and more fat, the body needs to make a balance and to trigger the fatty tissues to burn more calories and the excess fat. This is when the leptin is being released in the blood stream. However, in some cases, the leptin is malfunctioning, and numerous overweight people have developed leptin resistance in their bodies.


What leptin resistance means and how it happens?

The body usually develops leptin resistance after long-term exposure to great levels of leptin in it. Normally, the sensitivity of the body to leptin is reduced, so the brain becomes less responsive to commands to stop eating and the metabolism levels are reduced.

This makes the process of losing weight even more difficult. The people who suffer from leptin resistance become susceptible to chronic diseases by the inflammation and the excess stomach fat that accompany this condition.

Another thing that may cause the resistance to leptin is the intake of crash diets. People who are overweight usually are tempted to cut down their calorie intake right away in order to reduce their weight. However, this usually contributes to a problem, as the leptin is triggered to tell the brain it needs more food.

This is why this type of diets should be avoided, because, in most of the cases, these crash diets fail and can even deliver some diseases. This is why if you were thinking to start a diet of this kind, you should change your mind immediately, as the wrong approach of the process of losing weight can give the opposite results.

Here is a short list of certain foods that can lead to leptin resistance:

  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Food high in fat
  • Food high in sugar
  • High fructose corn syrup

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