Say Goodbye To Gout Or Arthritis With This Home Remedy!

Say Goodbye To Gout Or Arthritis With This Home Remedy!

During the last 40 years, gout disease, a painful inflammatory arthritis.

This disorder has increased considerably as it affects millions of Americans. In fact, gout is now the most common inflammatory arthritis in men and older women. But in today’s article we will teach you how with only half a cup of cherries a day can significantly reduce the risk of gout attacks.

Fresh cherries are not always seasonal, however, there are some alternatives, such as freezing cherries or using cherry juice.

According to several studies, cherry juice concentrate and pomegranate juice concentrate helps prevent attacks on gout patients who had up to four attacks per month.

The group of people who was taking cherry concentrate, took a teaspoonful twice a day for four months, while the other group of people took a tablespoon of pomegranate juice concentrate twice a day for four months.

The number of gout attacks in the cherry group was reduced from an average of five to two, improving the group taking pomegranate, in which the gout attack was reduced from five to four.

Approximately half of the people in the cherry group stopped taking anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by their doctor two months after starting treatment, as opposed to none of the patients in the pomegranate group.

In a second video, twenty-four patients with gout problems, went from having about seven attacks a year, to two.

The researchers concluded that cherry juice concentrate is effective in preventing gout attacks.

These results are very good, although controlled randomized trials are needed to further evaluate the utility of cherries and concentrated cherry juice to completely eliminate gout attacks.

We’ll tell you something funny. One journalist tries to throw these studies overboard, claiming that these tests are insufficient to treat Gout pains.
This journalist, of course, is being paid by nine different pharmaceutical companies, all of which make gout drugs.

I understand that the pharmaceutical industry may be nervous to see studies where half the patients were able to stop taking their gout drugs given the billions of dollars that are at stake, but where is the concern for people , If these industries only see them as money-making machines?

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