Here Is How You Will Remove Belly Fat in a Week

Here Is How You Will Remove Belly Fat in a Week

Many people are struggling with excess weight, and is long been known that it is impossible to melt fat overnight, especially if you sit and do nothing. The only answer to remove belly fat is the correct combination of aerobic exercise and regulation of the daily diet.

Here we are going to present you an outstanding program of exercise and diet with which it is possible to lose 4 kg in just 7 days.

The first step to losing weight:

Take notes on what, when and how much you eat. Also write down your measures in order you can later compare them with the results you have achieved. This you may think it is totally unnecessary, but the notes will definitely help you make a plan and you find that you are weak points in the implementation of the diet. It is essential to rest, because the cortisol – a stress hormone that is released on this occasion, is forcing our bodies to store fat deposits in the stomach.

Step number two:

Strictly follow the plan that is listed in eight counts:

-You need to eat three main meals a day and 5 small snacks consisting of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

-Do not be hungry. If you need some salty snacks, it would be best to replace them with healthy snacks.

-Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water into which you will squeeze a lemon central size. Hot water with little lemon is a big help for more easily and more quickly removing of the fat belly. During the day, drink at least eight glasses of only lukewarm water or consume unsweetened mild herbal tea. Squeeze one lemon and drink it as soon as you wake up on an empty stomach. Through the day it is recommended to drink two to three glasses of water with lemon. If you cannot stand the flavor of sour lemon, you can add stevia to make it sweeter.

-Be sure to try to avoid bread during the day, because he is cultivated – with some exceptions. Instead of sandwiches, consume a plate of medicinal vegetable soup.

-Swap sweets with seasonal fruit or a few squares of quality dark chocolate.

-Be careful with salt. Avoid additional salt food because it encourages water retention which will make you feel inflated. If you need salt, we recommend you to use Himalayan salt.

-Eat slowly and peacefully, never in front of TV or computer.

-Reduce the quantity portions on your plate. In the beginning, it will be very hard, but trust us; you will soon feel much better. It will be easier to burn off belly fat and you will not be more over-eaten – which is today very often among the population.

The food that is recommended for stomach weight loss:

Good choices are organic oatmeal because they are full of fiber and they don’t swell your belly, they create a feeling of satiety. Yogurt is excellent for a snack, and you can complete it with honey and fresh seasonal fruit. A big plus is that it helps with metabolism and digestion. You must avoid yogurt with extremely low percentage of fat, because it promotes the bloating of the stomach – still drink regular probiotic yogurt.

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