The Three Week Butt-Lifting Challenge That Will Completely Transform You

Shaping the body into the ideal summer shape we all seem to have imagined is no easy task, especially when it comes to fitting our butt into a perfect form.

The Three Week Butt-Lifting Challenge That Will Completely Transform You

But aside from achieving an amazing look, focusing on butt-lifting exercises also fills people with self-confidence and will make your body stronger for other activities and exercises, such as an active lifestyle, running, dancing, cycling, and everything else.


Down below are several exercises recommended by the best of personal trainers for fast and lasting results. The butt-lifting challenge consists of five exercises, all of which work the thighs and glutes.


Note: Increase the number of reps you do each exercise, up to three sets of 15 reps each. Aside from this, follow the instructions of how to properly do the exercises, and remember – if the challenge feels easy, make it harder by increasing the number of reps.


Just like a regular squat, the single-leg squat requires you to stand firmly with both feet together, and place weight on your left leg, while lifting your right leg into the air in front of you. Once done, bend your left knee into a squat, while keeping your leg lifted and straight.


2. Pulsing Pile-Squat
Start off with a wide squat, while keeping your heels directly below your knees and toes turned outwards. Your hands should be on your hips and your shoulders over your hips. Maintain this position, but in the meantime pulse quickly lowering and raise your hips one inch to complete one pulse. Two pulses make one complete rep.


3. One-Legged Reversed Plank Bridge
While sitting down with your hands behind you, press the heels of your hands and feet and raise your pelvis off the ground. Raise the right leg into the air, before lowering your pelvis toward the ground. Once done, keep your arms straight and leg raised, before lifting yourself back up. This makes for one rep.


4. Superman Lift
This one is quite easy but provides quite the exercise. Lay down on your stomach and engage your abs, while extending your arms straight out in front of you. Extend your legs as well as much as you can. The next thing to do is lift your arms, chest and legs off the floor as high as you can. Lowering back down to the initial starting position makes for one rep.


5. Donkey Kick
Get down on all fours, with your knees right under your hips and your hands right under your shoulders. While maintaining your knee at a 90-degree angle, slowly raise your right leg behind you, parallel to the floor. Repeat with your other leg to complete one full rep.

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