Do You Want To Know How To Remove The Stretch Marks Of The Breasts? Here Is The Answer!

Do You Want To Know How To Remove The Stretch Marks Of The Breasts? Here Is The Answer!

These unsightly stretch marks that appear in certain parts of the body when breaking the elastic fibers of the skin are related to the hormonal changes, the lack of certain nutrients and the decrease of collagen.

They are very common during pregnancy or when there is a sudden change of weight, due to the dehydration and stretching that the skin undergoes in these periods.

Although they usually appear in the abdomen and buttocks, they can also form in the breasts, which gives them an aesthetic appearance, and although they can not always be eliminated completely if some habits are carried out, they can be attenuated.


-Application of fresh milk for Brest’s stretch marks

Milk has healing and moisturizing properties so using it daily minimizes stretch marks on your breasts. Contains minerals, vitamins, and proteins that when absorbed increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

It should be used by moistening a piece of cotton in fresh milk that must be rubbed for five minutes on the breasts until absorbed well. Then rinse with warm water. You have to use it every night.


-An aloe vera mask

The gelatinous pulp of this plant has a high content of antioxidants, water, and natural fibers that accelerate the repair of broken tissues and leaves a young and renewed appearance.

To use it you have to take a couple of spoons of aloe vera and let them rest in the refrigerator to apply on the breasts before going to bed. The gel should be absorbed through the skin and allowed to act overnight. To get good results you have to repeat their use every day.


-Shea butter for Brest’s stretch marks

This product rich in vitamin E and natural fats helps repair the skin at the cellular level. It is a great alternative to rejuvenating and moisturizing products and an excellent option to fight the stretch marks formed in the breasts. Moreover, its creamy texture facilitates its application leaving a greater sensation of firmness and elasticity than other products.

To use it you must take the amount that is needed of butter and rub it on the stretch marks in the breasts by means of a gentle massage. You can even apply it as a preventive method, especially if you are pregnant.


-Improve feeding

On the other hand, a balanced diet is key to fight against stretch marks and other skin problems that make us look aesthetically evil. Foods rich in protein, essential fats and antioxidants help to increase the production of elastin and collagen, so they hold the skin firm and promote the repair of the dermal fibers as well as prevent their deterioration and prevent the formation of new streaks in a future.

That is why we recommend the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, legumes, fatty fish, lean meats, and nuts.

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