Do You Know What The Half-Moon On Your Nails Reveals?

Do You Know What The Half-Moon On Your Nails Reveals?

Probably even you, if not most people, you are not aware of the importance of the half-moon that is based on your nails. If it is missing or is small, it can point to various health problems in the body.
Pay attention to your nails. What you nail plate? Did you notice that at the bottom have a white crescent? In fact, says a lot about your health. This part cannot be damaged.
The white color of this “half-month” is only apparent, because the fifth basal layer of epidermis “conceals” the blood vessels found below.

Half-moon on the nails is called lunula and is a visible part of the nail root, colored and slightly transparent because it is hidden beneath the bloodstream If it is damaged, your entire nail will be deformed. In alternative medicine it is believed that the lunula can reveal some very important information about your entire health. For example, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lack of lunula indicates anemia and malnutrition, while pale or blue lunula suggests the possibility of diabetes. If the lunula in some people has reddish stains, this means that this person may suffer from cardiovascular disease.


The lack or absence lunula can show the following problems:
If it is not on my thumb, this may indicate the presence of psychological disorders.
If it is very small and is not at all on the index finger, it may indicate problems with the intestines, pancreas and liver, and reproductive organs in women.

The absence of lunula on the middle finger points to problems with blood pressure.

Small or non-existent lunula on your finger can be a sign that you suffer from problems with the thyroid gland.
If lunula is absent on the little finger it can mean that your intestines are clogged.

Lack lunula or very small lunula usually indicates poor digestion which may be caused due to slow metabolism and large amounts of toxins.

Chinese medical experts still point out that every healthy man has seven or eight lunula on the nails. If you have lunula only on the thumbs, this means that your kidneys are failing.

The normal nails should be pink, solid and harsh, and the lunula is clearly visible on the nails. Lunula shows how healthy and energetic you are. The more energy you have, the more you get. Otherwise, it will be darker.

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