Next Time You Buy A Toothpaste Pay Attention To This

Reading the toothpaste label is something not many people do. But, it turns out it’s exactly what you need to do if you want to protect your health.  Namely, the bottom of most toothpaste packaging contains symbols that reveal whether the paste has been made of organic or non-organic substances. These square symbols which come in 4 colors – red, blue, green, or black are an important sign indicating the quality of the toothpaste.


Next Time You Buy A Toothpaste Pay Attention To This

Read on and find out what each color means:

a black square at the bottom indicates that the toothpaste contains chemicals only;

a red square means that the toothpaste is a combination of chemical and natural substances;
a blue square is a sign that the toothpaste contains only natural substances;
a green square indicates that the toothpaste is completely organic.

While it’s true that oral hygiene is extremely important for your overall health, it’s also crucial that the dental care products you’re using are of the highest quality.

Always aim at buying toothpaste with a green square as these are the healthiest and safest to use.  Blue square is also allowed, but the green should be your priority. Using green-square toothpaste will make a big difference for your dental health, and you’ll be able to feel the difference in only a week of using it.


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