Lemon & Garlic Mixture Shown to Be a Perfect Tool For Clearing Heart Blockages

These two ingredients are one of the healthiest. They are full with nutrients that help our bodies in many ways.

In this article we will show you recipes which will improve the health of the arteries.

Lemon and garlic can lower your bad cholesterol, and they don’t have side effects.

Lemon & Garlic Mixture Shown to Be a Perfect Tool For Clearing Heart Blockages


Lemon & Garlic Mixtures

Method #1

You will need:

• 1 cup of lemon juice
• 1 cup of garlic juice
• 1cup of ginger juice
• 1 cup of apple vinegar

Mix the ingredients and then boil it for ½ hour. You should get 3 cups of the mixture.
Let it cool, and add 3 cups of honey, preferably organic.
Put the mixture in a glass bottle and keep it in a refrigerator.

How to use it:
Every morning, before breakfast, consume 1 tablespoon of the mixture.

Method #2

Needed Ingredients:

• 30 chopped cloves garlic
• 6 lemons peeled and cut into pieces

Blend the ingredients with a little water.
Pour this mixture into bigger pot. Add 2 liters of water. Boil it and simmer for 5 minutes.
Let it cool. Pour the mixture into glass bottle. Keep it in a refrigerator.

How to use it:
Drink 50 ml. of this mixture every day, 3 weeks.
Then, take a break of 1 week.
After that, drink again, every day for 3 weeks.

Note: You can repeat this method after 6 months.

Method #3

Needed Ingredients:

• 3 lemons
• 15 cloves of garlic

Blend the ingredients with water. For better taste you can add sugar if you want.
Pour this mixture into a metal pot.
Repeat the same procedure with the same amount of ingredients.
When it is done, in the mixture, add 1 liter water. Pour it in a pot.
Boil it, and after boiling, lower the heat and simmer 5 minutes.
When it’s done, strain it in another pot, and let it cool.
When is cooled, with a funnel, pour it in a glass bottles.
You will get 3-4 liters of this liquid. Refrigerate the bottles.

How to use it:

Take 1 cup of the mixture, every day, 3 weeks. Then have a one week break.

And after the break repeat it for another 3 weeks.

Note: This method is very powerful, so you should do it only once a year.

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