Amazing- Ginger Can be More Effective Than Chemotherapy!

Ginger is a versatile and powerful spice that has been used for centuries. Nowadays, its use is being popularized again, due to the numerous medicinal properties of this wonderful root.


Amazing- Ginger Can be More Effective Than Chemotherapy!

It has been used to cure a number of different diseases in the traditional medicine, and nowadays, newest research has even found that it can be extremely effective in the case of cancer. In fact, it was even reported to be significantly more effective than chemotherapy.

Namely, according to a research whose findings were published in the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology, ginger contains extremely powerful anti- cancer agents.

These are gingerols, paradols and shagaols which can prevent cancer and kill cancer cells in the body.

This remarkable root can give amazing effects in kill cancer cells in the prostate, ovarian and colorectal regions.

Prostate and ovarian cancer

What is exceedingly important about the use of ginger is the fact that its active anti-cancer agents, unlike chemotherapy, do not affect other dividing cells in the body like bone, stomach and sperm cells.

On the other hand, healthy cells are also affected during the chemo. This important distinction makes ginger perfect in the fight against prostate and ovarian cancer cells.

Furthermore, the American Association for Cancer has also proved that even though ovarian cancer cells tend to adapt and develop resistance to chemotherapy, which is not the case with ginger, as it affects and destroys them effectively.

Colorectal cancer

Scientific research has also shown that ginger is also beneficial in preventing and killing colorectal cancer cells.

Therefore, you should consume this miraculous root raw or as a part of your diet. However, note that you should limit your consumption to 4 grams a day, and 1 gram in the case of pregnancy.

Undoubtedly, as numerous studies have confirmed, ginger is a natural solution for cancer. What is even more valuable in this case is the fact that it, unlike chemotherapy, does not have harmful side effects on your body, as it is friendly to healthy non- cancer cells. This confirms that it is more beneficial and even more effective than chemotherapy.

Ginger and Breast Cancer

One study investigated the effects of ginger on breast cancer cells, and apart from killing breast cancer cells, ginger showed effects on diminishing several important signal molecules within cancer cells responsible for metastatic and spreading properties of this aggressive tumor.

The conclusion was that ginger could be a safe and effective treatment for breast cancer, however, more examination should be done on its effects.

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