10 Simple and Easy Steps To Reduce Hair Fall

Hair fall is the major problem in recent days due to the variations in temperature and pollution. There are different methods to reduce this hair fall by chemical and natural methods. Among the methods the natural way of curing the hair fall will be the best choice. Thus few natural tips to reduce the hair fall has been given for your convenience.

10 Simple and Easy Steps To Reduce Hair Fall

1. Oil

The simple way to reduce the hair fall is the oil treatment. In this, a small amount of fresh oil, which can be either coconut oil or the olive oil. Heat this oil in a pan and apply it on your scalp. Massage your scalp until the oil gets fully applied on it. Allow it free for one hour. Then take a deep bath using hot or cold water and wash it with the soup. This can be made thrice a week.

2. Green Tea
I hope really you should have never heard about that the green tea has the power of curing hair fall. Yes, the green tea is generally considered as a good antitoxic agent. And hence when it is applied on the scalp, it removes the toxic agents causing the hair fall. The simplest procedure to apply the green tea is that make a mixture of green tea with the water and apply it on your scalp. Allow it to be free for an hour and wash it ruinously with water.

3. Garlic Juice
An 3 to 4 pieces of garlic can be taken and make it as a paste. And then add this paste with a small amount of water and apply it on your scalp. Leave it undisturbed for an hour and wash it neatly with cold water. This not only reduces the hair loss it also helps to grow hair on your scalp.

4. Onion Juice
Make a small amount of onion paste by taking cutting the onion into slices. And add this paste to the shampoo of your daily use and apply it on your hair and scalp. And wash it neatly using the cold water. It helps to prevent hair loss.

5. Ginger Juice
Cut the ginger into slices and then add it with water and make a cup of ginger juice. apply it on your scalp and allow it free for one full night. Then wash it completely with water.Repeat this at least twice a week to get better results.

6. Goosberry Juice
Gooseberry is also called as Amla. The scientific name of Amla is Phyllanthus Emblica. The preparation of gooseberry juice is very simple. Make the gooseberry into small pieces and dry it completely. Then applies this dried piece of gooseberry into the oil and boil it until it becomes black in color. And then remove the Amla pieces and apply the oil on your scalp.

7. Aloe vera
Generally the main cause of hair loss will be the dryness of the hair and scalp. Thus the Aloe Vera has the ability to maintain chillness. Thus apply the Aloe Vera paste on the scalp and let it get dried for a few minutes and then wash it with cold water.

8. Lemon Juice
This is also a simple method to reduce the hair loss. Just make small pieces of lemon and apply the juice of the lemon on the scalp and remain it free for an hour and then wash it completely using cold water.

9. Egg and Olive Oil
The mixture of egg and olive oil helps to reduce the hair loss and improve the growth of the hair. Thus take the white yolk of an egg and mix it well with the olive oil. Apply this mixture on your scalp and allow it to be free for 10 minutes. And then wash it completely with water and conditioners.

10. Curd
Consider the small amount of curd and apply it on your scalp and allow it to be free for 10 minutes. The curd helps to grow the hair and to reduce the dryness of the scalp. Thus the hair loss can be greatly reduced.

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