Natural Ways To Destroy Moles, Warts, Blackheads, Skin Tags And Age Spots

Moles, warts, skin tags, blackheads, and age spots are among the 3000 skin problems that people experience every day. Allergic reactions and inflammation can occur or any area of the body as a result of a change of the texture or the color of the skin infection.

Natural Ways To Destroy Moles, Warts, Blackheads, Skin Tags And Age Spots

However, there is a treatment for many of these skin conditions. The only thing you need to do is to find the suitable ingredients according to their healing properties.


Natural cures for warts

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the cause for the appearance of warts. There are over 100 types of this virus which in different ways affect people, depending on their immunity.

When warts are caused by a virus they have the ability to disperse to other people and other body parts.

If you tried different treatments, and none of them help you, you can try these natural homemade remedies which are significantly effective. However, it takes time for the results to occur.

List of natural ingredients:

Apple Cider Vinegar
When it comes to treating warts, ACV is considered as the most effective. It can eliminate the viruses and bacteria, the main reason for warts, due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Before applying apple cider vinegar, it is very important to wash the area. Use a cotton ball to apply it on the affected area and secure it with a bandage. Let it stand overnight. In just a few weeks you will get rid of warts.

Garlic has anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. You need to mash some garlic and apply it on the problematic area. Secure it with a bandage. This procedure needs to be repeated two times a day until you completely eliminate warts.

Many people get rid of warts by using the inner surface of the banana peel to rub their warts a few times on a daily basis.

Moreover, you can completely eliminate warts if you press the inside of the peel over your warts, and tape it before going to bed. In the morning, remove the bandage and wash the area. Repeat the procedure until you notice that the warts are softened. Warts will disappear completely after a few weeks or 1 month.

Duct tape
A study included 61 patients with warts who received either cryotherapy or duct tape treatment. After two months of the treatment, only 60% of those with cryotherapy had success while 85% of people who had the duct tape treatment had no warts at all. You need to apply a small piece of duct tape over warts for 6 days.

Make sure to replace the tape when it is needed. After 6 days, wash warts with water. Then, rub off with an emery board or a pumice stone. The following morning, you need to apply a new piece of duct tape for another 6 days. You need to repeat this procedure for 2 months.

Pure Raw Honey
When it comes to using honey for warts removal, organic Manuka honey from New Zealand is definitely the best one due to its antibacterial properties. Manuka honey is a very powerful and stable honey. The temperature changes will not make it lose its benefits.

You just need 1 teaspoon of raw honey and bandage. Apply the honey on the problematic area and secure it with a bandage. Let it stand for 24 hours. You need to repeat the procedure every day.

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