7 Illnesses Caused By Sleeping With Wet Hair

Many of us have the habit of going to bed with wet hair. However, you should know that this is a huge mistake. In fact, sleeping with wet or even damp hair can be the cause of many health problems. This does not, however, mean that you will catch a cold or pneumonia bit there are some other health issues that might arise.

7 Illnesses Caused By Sleeping With Wet Hair

When you go to bed with wet or damp hair, the moisture from it gets retained, thus inflaming the scalp which results in an annoying itching sensation. In addition, this also causes damage to the name. surprisingly enough, even keeping a towel on your head for too long can have the same effects of retaining moisture.

Sticky hair

Sleeping with wet hair can result in sticky hair. Thus, your hair will because really hard to detangle. This especially applies to people with long hair.

Hair breaking
When the hair is wet it makes it more prone to breaking. Therefore, sleeping with wet hair only increases the risk of the hair breaking.


When your scalp is moist for a longer period of this, this interferes with the function of the sebaceous glands. As a result of this, these glands start producing more or less oil. In addition, this could also disrupt the natural pH balance of the scalp thus triggering dandruff and/or excessive oil of the scalp.

Itchy skin
Sleeping with wet hair can cause your scalp to itch. This happens because of the moisture which is formed on the skin of your scalp which irritates the skin.

What is more, sleeping with wet hair also makes the towel and the pillow wet. This makes those places the perfect breeding places for bacteria. Thus, this can also lead to infections of the scalp.

As we have already been mentioning before, wet hair causes for the retaining of moisture during the night. However, on the other hand when we sleep our body’s temperature rises. Hence, because of the different temperature differences between the hair and the body you could start having a headache.

Muscle pain
Last but not least, due to the difference in temperature, sleeping with wet hair can also be a cause of muscle pain. This can appear as severe cramps or facial paralysis. In some rare cases, it might also lead to whole-body paralysis and even be the cause of death.

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