7 Secrets Every Woman Should Keep From Her Man

Does your man, the one who you can move mountains for, know everything about you? We’re not talking about your likes and dislikes, or passions and dreams, we’re talking about those little things about yourself that you don’t want your man to know. Should you tell him that you don’t like his friends or family? One wrong reveal and you could be sabotaging your relationship. So, what are the things that you should be hiding in your secret drawer?

7 Secrets Every Woman Should Keep From Her Man

While the first unsaid rule of a relationship is transparency, there are certain feelings, emotions, habits, and secrets that we should (ideally) keep under the wraps. Although full disclosure and honesty are highly laudable, sometimes it’s akin to biting the bullet. We are all humans, and we don’t always welcome the ugly truth with open arms. Your man might not appreciate you having the hots for his best friend (although an innocent crush), so think twice before letting him in on that piece of information. We don’t mean to be the backseat driver of your life, but we would definitely want to be your sister-in-solidarity and advice you to be hush-hush about a few things about yourself and your life. If your curiosity has already peaked and you can’t decide what you should be secretive about, here’s a list of secrets that every woman should keep from her man:

1. That Our Best Friend Matters More
From picking our outfit for the evening to discussing the perfect comeback to a message (yes, we screenshot everything), we run to our best friends for everything. They were there for us even when we were single and crazy, and they will always be important to us. But, we need not tell our significant other that we would ditch a dinner date just to go on a shopping day with our bestie. This will make our SO feel like they are second in our life, and they will not be happy about this. So, fellow sister, let this be a well-kept secret between you and your bestie.

2. That We Love Their Vices And Quirks
We love watching how our misters become little kids and spend hours playing PubG, FIFA, or other video games. We love how they cutely hit the snooze button innumerable times and miss their morning runs just to get those extra 5 minutes of sleep. But, we should never air this loud and clear, because these quirks and vices have the ability to drain you out one day. So, go ahead and discipline them, let them be deluded that you hate these habits (we love their quirks, don’t we).

3. That We Fantasize About Them More Often Than They Know
It’s not just men who fantasize about women, we women fantasize about men too, and we do so quite often. Sometimes, we’re too shy to reveal our erotic thoughts to them. We probably have the wildest fantasies but we’re afraid that they will judge us or even worse, ridicule it. But, we needn’t disclose it. Let them be excited by the mere thought of us, and we can continue to keep the mystery about our desires. For all you know, it can spice things up for us. You can definitely drop a few hints about your fantasies, but let them fill in the blanks for you.

4. That We Sometimes Wish We Were Single
This is true not just for the womenfolk but also for the men. Although relationships are dreamy and magical, we sometimes do miss our singledom. It’s nice to just go back to the days when we had all the attention in the world and yet none to constantly please. We miss our ME time and we miss those days we didn’t have to care about our better halves. Even though it’s a momentary feeling, don’t ever let your partner get wind of this, it could spark an argument and lots of insecurity.

5. That We Have Cried For Him And Because Of Him
Women cry, just as men do. Especially when they miss their man or are afraid of losing him, or are in a difficult spot, they cry (buckets of tears). And they do so because they love their man. But, they also cry because of their man. Now, this is something that you need to discuss with your man if he’s been making you cry at the drop of a hat, but if you cry because of something that is trivial and that could make him feel bad about himself, it’s best to keep this little secret to yourself.

6. That We Can Puppy-Face Our Way To Get Things Done
We are all guilty of making a puppy face to get our mister to do something for us, aren’t we? Now, that’s a top-secret that we should never let out. If we want the men to continue to get us that midnight snack, or surprise us with a bag full of chocolates, we ought to master our puppy-face skills and also keep our silly motives behind it highly confidential. It’s a win-win after all, don’t you think?

7. That We Still Fake The Big O Sometimes 
Sometimes is the keyword here. While we might have a great time in bed with our respective partners, there are some days when they just don’t get “it” right and we don’t experience the Big O. But, we still fake it because we want them to think that the one thing they are proud of shouldn’t be undermined. We all have bad days, you know, so let this be a secret and let your man be happy feeling that he could satisfy you well enough. There’s always a next time, lady!

Women love secrets and we keep a lot of them. While, the article encourages you to keep secrets, we don’t encourage you to play an undercover agent. Sometimes, we end up revealing all our secrets to them even without realising it, and that’s because of the comfort zone we share with our partners.
So, do you think women should keep secrets from men? What are your top-secrets; let us know in a cryptic code in the comments below! (Wink wink)

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