7 Compliments Man Dreams Of Hearing

Women and men … Sometimes it seems that we are so different. In the understanding of most people, a woman is something light, gentle and quivering, while a man is a strong half of humanity whose desires and thoughts are very different from women’s.

7 Compliments Man Dreams Of Hearing

Despite the fact that men are the strong s#x and they do not cry, they still love sweet and pleasant words addressed to them, so you need to notice his new haircut or his new watch. This is a kind of approval for him and support from his beloved woman.


In such a way he realizes that he is doing everything right and you appreciate him. The main thing is to tell him immediately that he is the most wonderful, courageous and strong. He will remember this and will be thankful very much. We offer you to look at 7 compliments every man dreams of hearing:

1. You need to emphasize his strength. The main thing is to say about this after he does something.

2. You should emphasize that he did the right thing when he bought flowers, a gift or a bottle of your favorite wine.

3. The dignity of a man, like the ability to use it, should also not be unnoticed. Especially after having s(x.

4. It is important for a man to know that he has a good sense of humor. This does not mean that you need to laugh at every joke like you have an epileptic seizure. However, you can remember one or two very funny jokes.

5. If you do not know what to say, the filmmakers with the writers have taken care of this long ago. Scribble a couple of phrases from which any man will lose his mind.

6. If you want him to do something, and you insist on it – do not swear. Just say that you need his help.

7. Your happy eyes, sincere smile and the words I love you are the best compliments for your man.

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