What your feet say about You

From ancient times people read palms to find the future. But it is less known that feet can also uncover someone’s character. So, take a look at your feet and discover your features.


What your feet say about You

The Roman Foot
It is the most usual type of foot, when all toes are arranged straight. As a rule, the big toe is the largest and after this follow the other toes, forming an angle of 45 degrees. The persons with Roman foot are calm and sociable. They like to search for new things, particularly to explore new countries. Roman foot characterizes remarkable businessmen and public speakers.

Very Long Toes

The persons with such kind of toes are very emotional. They are talkative, loving to discuss about their sentiments and thoughts. Public speakers and politicians usually have very long toes.

Little Toe on the Side of the Foot

The persons that have the little toe a little bit on the side like to behave in a free way. They are stubborn and like everything to be or to happen the way it has to be/happen.

Narrow Base on the Second Toe

The people full of emotions usually have a narrow base that widens at the top of their toe. They have the manner to see everything bigger than it is in reality and have stronger feelings than anybody else. Life seems to be brighter when they are happy. However, they like to be alone when they are upset.

The Greek Foot

In this case, the second toe is much larger than the big toe. People with Greek feet are sportsmen, or are talented in creation. They can be innovators and public speakers as well. The persons with such kind of feet are enthusiasts and optimists.

Large Toe Pads

This is considered as a gift from heaven, the person is well balanced and is very careful.

Gap between the Second and the Third Toes

If you have this physical characteristic, you are a person that does not like to combine your feelings with your actions. As a rule, people with gap between toes practice jobs in which it is necessary to be emotionally detached. Also, they can be not satisfied of their life, often trying to change something in it.

The Square Foot

The square foot is when all toes, including the big toe, are almost of the same length. It can also seem like a rectangular form. The people with such type of foot usually think twice before making the right choice. This makes them trustworthy and pragmatic.

Tilted Third Toe

The persons who have slightly tilted middle toe are reliable in building plans for future, they are well organized and control the whole situation.

The Stretched Foot

This kind of foot seems to be thin and long, while the toes are squashed together. The big toe is definitely the largest and taps slightly at the top. The persons with this form of foot like intimacy, they do not like their secrets to be revealed and they usually hide their feelings. Their mood is able to change quickly, so be attentive while discussing with them. Impulsiveness is another characteristic of theirs.

Other Variants

There are, of course, other types of feet. For example swollen feet mean that their owner meets difficulties in expression of feelings. If the toes lean towards the little toe, it indicates that the person lives his/her life on high speed, but if the toes lean towards the big toe, then the person is very tight to his/her past.

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