What Does Your Birthday Number Mean In Numerology?

As we all know your zodiac sign may reveal a bit about your character, but the magical science of number interpretation might reveal some interesting insights into your personality. It’s known as the life number and it is calculated from your date of birth. There is a simple mathematical calculation and there is no need in understanding numerology.


What Does Your Birthday Number Mean In Numerology?

This is how you can calculate your life number

Don’t worry, no math skills are required for this calculation. All you have to do is write your date of birth on a piece of paper and add a cross sum from all the numbers. An example:


Your Birthday: 18.06.1991

The Calculation: 1+8+0+6+1+9+9+1 =35


In the next step, you should add the digits of the sum again. So that’s how:



So your life number is 8.

The results are always between digits 1 and 9. If you come up with a two-digit result such as important 10, you have to add a cross sum again.


(Exception: Numbers 11, 22, or 33)


Now let’s read our numerology and see what are those numbers revealing.


Meaning of the life number 1

People with the life number 1 have a high level of creativity, think very innovatively, and are cosmopolitan. This life number also stands for a sense of responsibility and assertiveness, which is why people with this number can often be found on the executive chair. The perfect formula for a successful career. When we are talking about love, people with the life number 1 are loyal and reliable partners who mostly play the dominant role in the relationship.


Meaning of the life number 2

The 2 stands for contradiction in mythology. People with life number 2 have to struggle with mood swings and often even with depression, but at the same time, they are really kind and unselfish. People with life number 2 love their families and make wonderful parents. They can resolve conflicts very quickly and they are willing to accept any difficulty especially when it comes to their job. You should start taking care of yourself as much as you do that for everybody else.


Meaning of the life number 3

People with the life number 3 are fun-loving and optimistic personalities who are well received by others. They are popular not only among friends but also at work because people with life number 3 can achieve anything through their creative ideas and discipline. But success also brings many envious people – and this jealousy can really gnaw on their hearts. Finding true love is also extremely important to them, but sometimes they lack empathy.


Meaning of the life number 4

The 4 represents the whole, it is not for nothing that a square has four corners, there are also the four elements. People with this life number have an astute mind, rely on logic instead of daydreams and have a talent for organization. The straightforward style is often interpreted by fellow human beings as cool or uptight. Thanks to their balance, people with the life number 4 make great friends and partners and give relationships with great stability.


Meaning of the life number 5

The life number 5 describes adventurous people who love freedom. You hate the routine in everyday life, reject responsibility and therefore escape from a standstill from time to time and go on trips. These characteristics make them difficult in a relationship with partners who need a lot of space and can hardly be maintained. This unreliability can also cause problems at work.


Meaning of the life number 6

The number 6 represents perfection. If you have calculated it as a life number, you are therefore one of the perfectionists who always strive for harmony and beauty. You are a creative, somewhat dreamy character, have a strong sense of justice and great ambition. You are likely to be found in an artistic profession, in love often as a single, because a man first has to meet your high standards. Once found, however, people with the life number 6 are affectionate, family-oriented partners.


Meaning of the life number 7

The 7 is a magical, very strong number. She describes a balanced, personable character who has the gift of quickly seeing through people. Your intuition is above the mind and you’ve got a spiritual streak. But love is above everything for you: You are looking for great happiness and give your partner your full devotion. Just be careful of your volatility, because that way you could quickly put your love on the line.


Meaning of the life number 8

If you have calculated the life number 8, you will conquer the career ladder by storm. You are success-oriented, think practical, want to earn a lot of money and have strong competitive thinking. Your willpower will get you to any of your goals, but it will weaken when someone criticizes you. In love, on the other hand, it doesn’t really work out because you are very insecure and jealous.


Meaning of the life number 9

Optimistic, helpful and mysterious – the life number 9 describes a personality that is not easy to see through. On the one hand, she has an extremely social streak and would give anything for her fellow human beings. On the other hand, she only allows very few people to approach her and always keeps her own feelings hidden. That makes her a mysterious character. But however when they fall in love, they hold their treasure in their hands.


The master numbers of numerology: 11, 22 and 33

If the cross-sum of the date of birth is 11, 22 or 33, these numbers are not reduced again because they already have a meaning. Extraordinary luck is awarded to people with a master number. However, that is only partly true. First and foremost, the master numbers represent a great task. However, this also comes with a great deal of responsibility.


Meaning of the master number 11

This master number indicates creativity and unusual gifts. 11 people are described as extremely emphatic and reflective. You feel many emotions particularly intensely and have an imaginative, distinctive inner life. This creates original, unique ideas. With their enthusiasm, 11ers also infect their fellow human beings.


Meaning of the master number 22

People with the number 22 are idealistic and at the same time pragmatic. Thanks to their great willpower, they can put their plans and visions into practice. These people can achieve great things and are particularly good managers because of their sensitive nature. Their presence also reaches beyond national boundaries. Since material things are not important to them, they use their talents for peace and justice.


Meaning of the master number 33

The 33 stands for compassion and harmony. People with this number are highly sensitive individuals who have a profound passion for people but also for nature. That is why they take on a lot of responsibility for themselves and others, both privately and professionally. This can lead to the fact that they put the needs of those around them above their own. They hold great value for humanity. They’re given a spiritual bent as well. Sometimes they are even referred to as “enlightened persons”, “mediators” and “ambassadors”.

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