These 5 Exercises Will Help You With Hip, Knee or Foot Pain

These 5 Exercises Will Help You With Hip, Knee or Foot Pain

Ankle pain, foot pain, knee pain, hip pain are the most commong pains that most of us frequently suffer. These effortless exercises are surely going to give you relief from these everyday pains.

As per WHO, every sixth person in India is suffering from chronic pain! Be it joint pain, foot pain or knee pain, about 18 percent of the Indian population is dealing with such issues. Lifestyle changes are definitely one of the main reasons why this number is on the rise. While a lot of people take painkillers to ease the pain, doing regular exercises is a far better option rather than relying on drugs. Try these easy and simple at-home exercises to kill the pain steadily and effectively.


1.Heel Raises

This exercise targets the muscles around the knee and it strengthens your ankles.

How to do it: You will need a chair to hold on. Raise one of your legs and slowly start to heel of your other leg until you’re standing on your toes. Slowly put the heel back on the floor. Perform this exercise 15 times on each leg.


2.Toe Walking

This exercise targets your toes and balls of the feet and strengthens your calves.

How to do it: Simply walk fast around on your toes. Keep walking for 5 to 15 minutes.


3.Ankle Circles

This exercise works out your ankles.

How to do it: Sit on chair and raise one of your legs. Start rotating the foot in a slow circular motion.

Repeat this 10 times in an inward circle and 10 times in outward circles. Perform the exercise with each leg.


4.Toe Games

This exercise strengthens and works out your toes on a daily basis.

How to do it: Curl your toes and then put a towel on the floor and grab onto it with your toes. Put small pebbles on the ground and try to grab them and put them in a basket using just your toes.


5.Walking on balls

This exercise relaxes and trains the balls of your feet.

How to do it: Sit on a chair and grab a tennis ball. Put your foot on the ball and step on it. Then, start pushing the ball slowly with your foot toward the toes and then backward. Perform this exercise for about 5 minutes on each foot.

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