5 symptoms of Alzheimer’s

In recent times, 1 out of 6 people which are older than 65 years, and almost 1 out of 2 older than 85 years suffers from Alzheimer’s. Taken into account that the general population is getting older, modern medicine defines Alzheimer’s as the plague of the 21st century.

If the early signs of this disease can be recognized, this can prove to be of a big help both for the individual as well as the family members around it. If an individual is developing Alzheimer’s disease, the family and the others around it will have better preparation on how to deal with it.

5 symptoms of Alzheimer’s


Here’s 5 symptoms which hint that Alzheimer’s disease may be in question:

Memory loss

All of us from time to time may forget certain names, data. This is due to modern way of life, lots of stress and busy days. Though this should not be a clear indication for “red alert”.

Isolating from social activities

As the disease progresses, subjects with Alzheimer’s give up their hobbies, social activities and work. They also avoid contact with lots of people.

Interpretation difficulties of visual pictures

In certain cases, eye sight difficulties may occur. The individual may not be able to determine the right distance from a certain object, he or she may encounter difficulties when reading or recognize the right colours.

Difficulties when executing everyday activities

If you have difficulties executing everyday tasks which has never been the case up to that point, this may prove to be an indication of development of Alzheimer’s disease. These activities include all activities the individual has been doing with no problems whatsoever.

Mood swings and attitude changes

Very common symptom of Alzheimer’s disease are in fact these changes in the person’s mood. This can happen with no apparent reason, and the person may experience personality changes.

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